Bagua 18650

Bagua Sigelei 18650


Bagua 18650 is a fully mechanical E-Cigarette Mod. It comprises of a battery and a spring-loaded lower push button. Its design is extremely robust due to the fact that it does not use any wires or circuit board. Extremely sleek, it consist of all brass conductors that gives it a very neat and elegant look. The Bagua Sigelei 18650 version comes with an extender that enables the Bagua to take 18650 battery instead of the regular 18350 battery.

Key Features:

  • Top Adjustable Battery Pin
  • Derlin Insulator and Screw Collar for Battery Breather
  • ‘Lock’ Button to Prevent Accidental firing
  • 510 thread Engraving on the body and the base of the firing button

This mod does not come with a battery. We recommend you buy Efest 18650 30A Button Top and LG HE2 18650 battery. All these batteries are compatible with this mod and are available here at our website, just click the name of the battery you wish to buy with this mod and add it to your cart.


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Product Description

Brand name Sigelei
Product Name Bagua
Style mechanical mod
E-cigarette Dimension 75*23mm (without extender)
weight of E-cigarette 100g
Material Stainless Steel
Battery 18650 battery
Battery Capacity 900mah
Battery lifespan 300 times around
Charge time 2-5 hours
Supply ability 100000 Sets per Day
Certifacation CE ROHS SGS


The Bagua Sigelei 18650 version comes with an extender that enables the Bagua to take 18650 battery instead of the regular 18350 battery


Brief  Features


1.Bagua Sigelei 18650 comes with a native 510  thread, it applies to all the 510 atomizer .

2. There are some holes on one end of the body, which can be opened to dissipate the heat. On the other end of the body, there is a  projecting ring to which twists to lock the switch button. The design is very user-friendly. The surface of the body has adopted the UV process so that it will never fade .

3.The Bagua telescope has a low price point as a good buy for the money.

4.The style design is very cool with great texture.

5.Color: Stainess steel, polished stainess steel, and Brass color.

6.Bagua Sigelei 18650 comes with a rotating bottom which locks button when turned anti-clockwisely to turn off the mod, and vice versa.

7. Bagua is a mechanical Mod that serves as a beginner mechanical mod for most of our customers. Sigelei has copied this mod from a popular Bagua mod made by a german company. Still Sigelei has brought the price point down for this mod which compared to the original one is much cheaper. Artisan vapor Company is selling the Bagua Mod by Sigelei since we want to cater to a wide variety of market and provide everyone with a chance to have a mod that suits them best.

Additional Information

Weight 0.75 lbs
Dimensions 8.5 x 5.25 x 1.5 in
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Artisan Vapor Company

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