WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Best E-Liquid Concentrates

With vaping trend taking the world by storm, where a huge part of the young population is turning towards vaping. It is making it an ever-evolving and growing industry and the industries associated with this trend are also flourishing. Among those are the vape accessories and e-liquids without which vaping is impossible.
Vape juice is the flavour vapers use to have the perfect vaping experience with their favourite flavors. They are available in default forms that are ready to use as it is and can also be mixed for a customized & positive vaping experience.
Looking at the popularity and the ever-advancing industry, newer modifications and additions are being made each day to facilitate the widening consumer base as well as to diversify the options. The flavours available in e-liquid concentrates range from cocktail, fruit, bubble gum, tobacco, and everything falling in between these extreme ends.
While there are e-liquids available in a variety of flavours, creating customized juice also gives the liberty to control the nicotine levels, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin and obviously the unique flavours to match the taste preferences. This engineering, however, requires a perfect recipe and a bit of practice along with basic know-how of the concentrates.
A few options topping the lists have been listed: 

  • Capella Flavour Concentrates

Capella-an American vape brand is popular for its authentic and pure flavours and all the ingredients involved. The fine quality is a characteristic of Capella products. One plus that this brand offers is its constant contact with the consumers which gives them a better insight to consumer trends and preferences. This is why the products are in line with the changing trends in the area.  
Capella offers a wide range of products and flavours when it comes to e-juice concentrates. These include apple pie, blackberry, raspberry, apricot, banana, and other fruity variables.

  • Jungle Flavors Concentrates

This brand is the one for you if you like to experiment with your flavour choices. Jungle Flavors is characterized for the newness associated with the taste they offer. Doing justice to the name, if you have that adventurer in you ready to experiment with your flavour choices, this brand is the best option.
Some of the best selling flavours include coffee, mint, tobacco, lemon, cocoa, mango, apple, coconut, espresso and so many more.

  • Aromea Concentrates

This brand is special for so many reasons. The most common claim to fame is the DIY bases, e-liquids and concentrates. So if you are the one to go for customized and DIY ideas, this brand is the one to look towards. Another specialty is the magical aromas of the products. Aromea-as the name suggests, is famous for its aromatic concentrates apart from the outstanding flavors as well. The quality of the products is unmatched and this is why the brand is a huge hit across the globe.
Another factor that makes this brand a success is their access to the global markets which allows for ease of purchase to the consumers. The range of flavours includes champagne, an energy drink flavour, banana and other diverse options.

FlavourArt Concentrates

FlavourArt is true to its name and offers premium quality vape juices and diverse flavours that make this brand a hit across the globe. Quality is one major factor that makes it a reliable option for consumers all over the world. When it comes to creating your own vape juices at home, FlavourArt is the one name that pops up.
A value addition to the brand’s products is the presence in the markets all over the world, which allows for a better reach to a bigger consumer base. The flavours range from nut mix, raspberry, cocoon, cream fresh and so many other unique ones. 

  • Flavor West

FlavorWest- is a US-based brand that makes the finest and the most diverse flavour line in the area. This is the reason why it is a favourite in the vaping circles. The concentrates of FlavorWest are exceptional in taste and quality, and have signature flavours that can’t be found anywhere else. One distinguishing feature is the sweetness that is a vital part of these concentrates, used to make “dessert e-juices”.
The taste is so fulfilling and addictive with exceptional quality that asks to be used over again. The range of flavours include the lesser known banana, apple, birthday cake, blue ice, cotton candy, blackberry mojito and so many more unique flavours to choose from.

  • Real Flavors

Real Flavors is an American brand based in Michigan and as the name suggests, it offers real, natural flavours. These flavours are made by advanced flavour delivering technology which is a value addition to this brand. This technology is the same that is used in food and beverage industry and thus makes it a more organic and an authentic brand option.
The brand’s range offers ready to mix concentrates of finest quality as well. The flavour choices that the brand offers range from boysenberry, cinnamon toast, Baja soda and so many other unique ones.

  • Botanic Elixir

This brand specializes in the juice concentrates in possibly the widest flavour range that allows vapers to mix and make vape juices fit for the users all over the world. Since the flavour range is so vast it accommodates vapers from all over the globe with all the different flavour choices and preferences.
Botanic Elixir is the brand suitable for preparing e-juices customized for individual taste as well as for use as it is. The range of flavours includes almond, hazelnut, butterscotch, apricot and so many other options.

  • Inawera Flavor Concentrate

Inawera Flavor Concentrate is the brand that specializes in providing ready to use concentrates while there are options to create juices of your choice as well. The quality is of special concentration which makes the brand a success all over the world. The bright side of the brand is the uncompromised quality at relatively lower prices.
It is due to these factors that the brand is well reputed and trusted for its unique products. The flavours Inawera has to offer are more on the fruity side like grape, raspberry, banana, golden apple, mango, fruit mint and so many more.
This list is not exclusive but gives a good insight to the options available in the market These brands top the lists for the global vape juice concentrate market and are famous among the vaping circles at large.