WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Different Types OF Vape Coils


E-cigarettes are commonly used by a huge number of people around the globe, in particular, youth. It has become popular over time with great utility in terms of helping people quit smoking. Not just that, people tend to acquire the help of vaping to rectify multiple ailments including arthritis, epilepsy, pain, inflammation, anxiety, stress, etc., using CBD vape oil.
Vaporizers use different elements as a catalyst for proper working of the process. One of those is vape coil, which has to be in perfect health, for it to work without any hindrances. There are a couple of vape coils that are used by people, depending on their characteristics and main uses. Two main ideas include wattage-based wires, and other is for temperature-control. Although it can be very technical, for those who understand vaping, it is not as much a big deal.
Some of the fundamental characteristics of vape coils that apply to all wires, without paying heed to composition are as follows.

The diameter or wire gauge

Diameter is the most basic of features of any vape coil and is also known as wire gauge. Stated as a numeric value, a diameter of coil isn’t really of that much importance. As the wire gauge number elevates, the diameter starts to get smaller. E.g; a gauge of 30 is going to be thinner than a gauge of 28, but will be thicker than gauge of 32. Sizes of some of the most usual gauges for vaping wires are in even number 22, 24, 26, 28, 30, 32.


Resistance of the vaping wire or coil will decrease if wire diameter increases. For heating, the wire will take longer to heat owing to larger mass and area. For instance, a gauge wire of 30 and 28 will heat faster than 22 or 26 gauge wire.
As you increase area of the wire, resistance will increase and wrapping coils would eventually mean more resistance for the vape coil.

Ramp-up time

It is referred to as the time needed for vape coil to heat up and start heating e-juice. Ramp-up time can take longer with vape coils of longer area and wraps and that is the reason why it is better to have single wire coils.
Coil manufacture of different categories will have various ramp-up times. Stainless steel ramp is fast as compared to Kanthal and Nichrome but the former is very slow.  


TCR or Temperature Coefficient of Resistance is resistance that increases as the wire temperature increases. Mods are aware of the cold resistance of vape coil as well as material being used. When the coil is too hot, mod is aware of the resistance that is needed for a coil to avoid burning. Almost every wire type has TCR and increases will only be measured in TC-compatible vape wires.


Iron-chromium-aluminum alloy wires with oxidation resistance used for straight wattage mode in vaping are known as Kanthal wire. When vaping and thinking to rebuild, dripping, etc., it is the most pertinent choice of wire.  Kanthal is used frequently for manufacturing single-wire coils.

  •         Various wattage
  •         Convenient working
  •         Better Shape
  •         Available at stores
  •         Cheap

It isn’t much expensive and is readily available to buy at vape shops, online and e-bay, however, it is not compatible with TC.


Nichrome is most suitable wire used for wattage vaping. It is an alloy made up of nickel and chromium as well as sometimes, iron. It is also used in dental works like fillings. There are different grade to Nichrome and ni80 (80% nickel, 20% chromium) is the most frequently used. It heats up faster and has lower resistance than Kanthal.
It is easier to make a Nichrome coil and can hold shape of a coil better when one is wicking. It has a lower melting temperature and one needs to be very careful while dry burning coils. It is better to do it on a low flame and pulse it rather than rushing it.

  •         Ramp-up faster than Kanthal
  •         Convenient
  •         Better Shape

Stainless Steel

Vaping wires are usually made up of stainless steel and are common. It is used for straight wattage vaping and temp control vaping. It is also an alloy which is manufactured with chromium, nickel, and carbon. Nickel amount is 10% and people with allergies should avoid it nonetheless.
It is convenient and easy to make and with better shape. As Nichrome has a faster ramp-up time than Kanthal, so does stainless steel. It is notable that one must not dry burn the stainless steel at high temperature.

  •         Double duty: VW and TC compatible
  •         Fast ramp-up time
  •         Convenient
  •         Better shape