WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Vaping is most definitely an activity whose primary feature is accessibility. You have it in your pocket and you can  use it anytime you want. Just turn it on and puff one in. It’s that simple. However, since you keep it on your pocket the entire day, you know you have to charge it by the time you reach home. You might also run into the same issues as you run into with your phone. You might be low on charging and you have at least four more hours before you get home or get to the nearest charger, which is also sitting silently at home. So, what do you do? What measures can you take to extend that battery life of your vape because you and I both know, a professional vaper always keeps the charging device in reach.

Extending your Vape’s Battery Life: What Measures to Undertake

Of course, when the time comes, you will have to change your vape batteries. It is a slow process and you can trust the batteries of your vape to last longer than you can expect. But of course, to extend the life of your vape’s battery you will need to undertake some measures. Here we discuss a couple of the most common ones.
The easiest and most convenient way is to always and we mean always turn the vape off once you use it and place it back in your pocket. Yes, the more frequently you use it, the higher the chances that you will leave the battery on since who would go through the hassle of turning the vape on and off every few minutes. So, a little OCD will be required here. One it is patterned; the road is smooth ahead.
On the contrary, if you outright do not use your vape batteries for longer periods of time, your battery will suffer even more. The only was to regulate it, is to use it regularly, which sounds funny but it is the fact. Take it as a mobile battery, you have to use it a little bit regularly for it to keep on functioning properly.
As a matter of fact, take your vape batteries as mobile phone batteries in the most literal sense. If you overcharge them, they will slowly start to underperform. And underperformance is really a bad deed on the battery of a vape since all it has to do it display some numbers on a LED and start the coil. So, don’t over-charge it kindly. Another good way to utilize your vape battery to optimum performance and this is the opposite to the point we mentioned before, is to not drain it completely. Charge it before it reaches 10%, keep it on the safe side and voilà, the battery will perform better and you will always have some juice left in your vape so you won’t have to rush to the charger. Also, before closing this topic, do remember to keep the battery clean. A clean battery keeps the charge the longest.