WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

How to use a Vape Pen

The trend of vaping has grown in recent years. The first prototype was created by Herbert A.Gilbert in the 1960s. However, the patented e-cigarette could not be marketed by him successfully. Currently, there is a huge variety of e-cigarettes available for use. This increase in e-cigarettes is due to numerous brands as well as new players in the market launching their ideas and actively producing quality products.  
A recent example is the acquisition of JUUL by Altria, the manufacturer of Marlboro. In essence, the E-cigarette is used to help people quit smoking since it is an effective yet healthy alternative to the harmful tobacco cigarette. It is smokeless and has no injurious chemicals like tar. There are a variety of flavors as well as mods, pods systems, and vape pens that can be used for vaping. Even CBD is available in numerous countries for vaping.  CBD’s consumption can aid several ailments in humans.

Industry and Vape Pens

‘Vaping or Smokeless-cigarettes’ has recently become popular all over the globe. Therefore it’s essential to educate the consumers about the Do’s and Don’ts of vaping for a fulfilling e-cigarette experience. E-Cigarettes are preferred by people who are either trying to quit smoking or those who are looking for a less detrimental alternative to traditional cigarettes.
E-Cigarettes are especially popular in areas where smoking concentrated cannabis flower has been legalized. The Cannabis flower has potent medicinal abilities. CBD Oil can be effectively consumed through “Vape” to attain these medicinal benefits. A tiny amount of concentrate is needed in vape.  A concentrate weighing as little as one gram is enough for several doses. Furthermore the small vaporizing devices “the vaping pens” are portable and handy, making them easy to use on the go.
The Following steps will showcase how to properly and effectively use vape pens.

  • Charging

The newly purchased vape pen needs to be charged for several hours like any other electronic device before it can be used.  Therefore charge the lithium cell battery with the manufacturer provided charger for several hours before initial use.

  • Anatomy of the Pen

A vape pen usually has:

  • A battery

This is the longest part of the pen and it powers the device.

  • Heating chamber/ Atomizer

The heating chamber or atomizer is attached to the battery. This place is where the concentrate is loaded. At the bottom of it, there is a heating coil or a tiny plate which actually comes in direct contact with the concentrate, oil, wax or any other material intended to be vaped. The battery heats up the heating chamber, which in turn heats up the concentrate residing inside until it begins to vaporize.

  • Mouthpiece

Attached to the atomizer is the mouthpiece. This is the part where you draw the vapors.

  • Charger

Each pen comes with a separate charger of its own. It is not attached to the pen itself, instead, it is provided separately usually in the form of a micro USB.

  • Dab Tool

Vape pens come with a dab tool-a small implement that is used to load the concentrate into the heating chamber. Filling the vape pen with the concentrate using your hands is not recommended. Moreover,  most concentrates are sticky in nature so they stick to hands while loading. This makes it difficult to successfully load the chamber with the prescribed amount of concentrate as the weight to be loaded is already as little as one gram.

Assembling the device:

  • Charging

After charging that is indicated by a red light on the charger going green upon complete charging, indicating that it is ready to use.

  • Assembling

Once completely charged, assemble the unit by screwing on the heating chamber to the battery. Most vape pens require you to press the button on the battery five times in order to activate the device.

  • Loading

The end of the heating chamber opposite to the battery has a cavity for the concentrate to be loaded. Using the dab tool, add the concentrate carefully on to the tiny coil or ceramic plate at the bottom. In order to avoid choking of the device, make sure not to overload the chamber. The amount of concentrate, the size of a peppercorn is recommended particularly for initial use.

  • Getting it Vape-ready

Once loaded, attach the mouthpiece to the heating chamber on the side opposite to the battery. This is now a complete unit ready to be used.

  • Inhalation

The button on the vape pen battery requires to be pressed five times in order for it to be activated. Press the button on the battery on an activated device, pressing the button should light up the light at the edge of the battery indicating that the device is ready to use. Keep the button pressed and inhale. If done right, the vapor can be felt reaching the lungs. On exhaling, you should be able to see and taste the vapor that would indicate that the unit is working properly. Release the button a few seconds before you wish to stop inhaling.
Apart from these guidelines, it is also recommended that a person, buys good quality Vape products as offered by regulated brands as it will not only make sure your vaping experience is good but also that your health is safe. Vape pens of different sizes and types, mods and pods are there for you to choose from but not each of them would be perfect for you so try to know your habits and then make the decision to buy it.
While there are numerous brands in the market it is recommended to use an established and regulated brand for all the vape products and accessories such as e-juice, accessories, chargers, modes, vape pen battery, e-liquid, and dry herb vaporizer, and disposable vape pens. FDA and MHRA are two examples that working for the regulation of these products. Meanwhile, UK is also executing policies that are of good stature and which will further aid people who try to quit smoking in rehab centers and clinics.

Pro Tip

Most devices need to be activated and deactivated by pressing the button on the device five times. Pressing the button three times will adjust the heat. The slower the heat, the more thorough the vaping experience. It is also of utmost importance to properly store and maintain the vape pen for a satisfactory vaping experience.