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Diluting Remedy with CBD Tinctures

CBD Tinctures are obtained from cannabidiol-rich hemp flowers and steeping them in high-proof grain alcohol with low heat cooking for a couple of hours.

As the benefits of CBD are remedial in nature, it is used to cure ailments and symptoms like arthritis, anti-inflammation, anxiety, stress, migraine etc.

The tincture is consumed sublingually or orally, but most people prefer not to taste the bitterness. That is why people put it under their tongue and let the effect kick in. The presence of 0.3% THC means that it isn’t psychoactive in nature.

The bitter flavor is often taken away by adding a sweet taste carrier so that consumption is not too bad. Mix it with salad, tea, coffee, or anything one likes, as CBD is much more potent when consumed orally or sublingually.

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