The Best Tasting CBD Chocolates

Got a sweet tooth? have some chocolate! You got anxiety and are stressing out like crazy? Try some CBD chocolate instead. The guy who cooked up some cannabis chocolate for the first time must have been a genius, combining two of the best things on the planet. 

CBD chocolates are a great way to get your daily dose of CBD and maintaining that healthy lifestyle. When it comes to edibles, cannabis chocolates are perhaps the tastiest and preferred by most. Since chocolates are already touted for their many benefits, these CBD bars take it up a notch, providing you a healthy way to deal with your daily grind. 

Do CBD chocolates do anything? 

Unlike THC chocolate bars, CBD edibles of all kinds do not get your high. Since THC is the primary psychoactive compound in cannabis, its absence in these products ensures that the users don’t feel that ‘high’ is usually associated with cannabis consumption. Cannabis chocolate bars are also a discreet way to get your daily fix of CBD, making it a good choice for cannabis connoisseurs. 

How much CBD chocolate should I eat? 

Generally speaking, the rule for weed and chocolate and edible CBD bars consumption is the same. Take it slow, for starters, and gradually build up your intake to determine the correct dosage for you. Around 10mg to 20mg of CBD is usually what’s recommended for a daily dose.

What does CBD Chocolate do?

Since CBD edibles and especially the ones with little to no traces of THC are not psychoactive, users do not feel any sensation of intoxication whatsoever. The effects of CBD chocolates are the same as any other CBD-infused product. You can consume CBD-infused chocolates to treat a wide array of issues, including relieving stress, curing migraines, treating insomnia and chronic pain. Refer to your doctor to find out what dosage or product would cater to your needs the best. 

Best Tasting CBD Chocolates 

Upon a quick internet search, you can find a myriad of sellers offering edible chocolate bars. Nonetheless, while ordering, make sure you buy from reputable brands that carry premium CBD products. While there may be a wide variety of CBD oil chocolates on the market, we have compiled a list of some of our favorites. Although the products may vary in taste and CBD levels, you will have to do a little experimenting of your own to find the right product for you. 

Green Roads CBD Dark Chocolate Bars

If you are looking for top-notch hemp chocolate, Green Roads perhaps could be what you need. This artisanal hemp-based cannabis chocolate bar is vegan-friendly and is entirely handcrafted. A hot product among users, this CBD Chocolate is made with 62% pure cacao and is an exclusive American cannabis-infused chocolate

Each CBD chocolate bar has 12 pieces with a rich flavor that is just the right amount of bitter. 

Gron CBD Milk Chocolate Mini Bar

Gron’s dark chocolates are a special treat and perhaps are the darkest and saltiest CBD chocolates you will get to enjoy. This sea salt bar is made using cannabis with no THC whatsoever, sourced from exotic fields in southeast Asia. Made from all-natural tree barks, Gron CBD Milk Chocolate Mini bars have around 100mg of CBD in them. 

Lulu’s Chocolate

A pioneer in the CBD chocolate world, Lulu, the company’s founder, first started making sugar-free chocolates in 2006. As the CBD-infused products hit the mainstream market, Lulu’s adapted accordingly, integrating cannabis into their premium product line. Lulu’s Chocolate is a renowned brand across the country, available in multiple flavors and in only single-serving packs. 

Available Flavors:

  • Maca Buttercups
  • Midnight Velvet
  • Aztec Crunch
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Love Truffles

To Whom It May

If full spectrum edibles are your thing, then look no further. ‘To Whom It May’ is just the product for you. These CBD chocolates are made with full-spectrum CBD oil and also come in high THC variants. For those who don’t opt for chocolate bars with THC, To Whom It May offer CBD-only bars as well. Their CBD chocolate comes in four unique flavors, named below:

  • Zak – Smoked Almond Butter Truffle. 
  • Myra – Hazelnut Brandy Bonbon.
  • Vivienne – Cherry Cayenne Bonbon. 
  • Ralph – Hazelnut Butter Truffle. 

Each of these cannabis candy bars contains 10mg of CBD and comes in boxes of four to twenty-four packs. 

Kat’s Naturals Activated Hemp Bar

A staple of authentic American CBD chocolate, Kat’s Naturals Activated Hemp offers premium white peppermint and dark chocolate bars. A family-owned business, Kat’s chocolate bars contain 100mg of CBD in every bar made with full-spectrum CBD. 

Veggimins’ Dark Chocolate Hearts 

A wondrous treat containing your daily dose of CBD in cute little chocolate hearts, Veggimins Dark Chocolate hearts are made with high-quality raw cacao, coconut sugar, and cacao butter. Each little bite-sized treat contains 10mg of pure CBD, and all their products are third-party tested. Each bottle contains around 30 dark chocolate hearts that make up a month’s supply. 

Vital Life CBD – Quinoa Crunch Chocolate Bars

Vital Life CBD’s products are synonymous with quality. Handcrafted with the best of materials, each CBD chocolate bar contains 100mg of CBD. A cannabis chocolate bar of the crunchy variety, Vital Life’s Quinoa Crunch Chocolate bars contain 73% cacao, organic coconut sugar, organic vanilla bean, sea salt, and phytocannabinoid full spectrum hemp extract. 

CBD Living – Dark Chocolate CBD Bars

Top-of-the-line full spectrum hemp extracts CBD Chocolate bars by CBD Living are a class apart. Each bar contains roughly 120mg of CBD and is a one-stop solution for all your CBD needs. A wondrous and clandestine way to get your daily dose, CBD Livings products could be chalked off as one of the best edible chocolate bars on the market right now. People looking to buy their premium products can also find third-party test results on their website. 

CB-Dulce Dark CBD Chocolate Bars

CB-Dulce Dark CBD Chocolate is perhaps our most favorite. They make these candy bars using GMO & pesticide-free CBD, which is extracted from Hemp oil. Their CBD bars contain no THC and have no hempy aftertaste whatsoever. They make their edible bars are made from the finest Belgium chocolate and are all third-party tested. Each bar contains 100mg of broad-spectrum hemp CBD oil, but the kicker is that all their products are only available in the state of Florida. 

Leif Goods

Leif Goods would surely win one if they were giving away awards for the most unique CBD chocolate bar flavors. Hailing from Portland, Oregon, all their chocolate products are certified vegan and fair-trade and are made from the best ingredients available on the market. Although their products contain minor amounts of THC, they are, on the other hand, loved by people who indulge in savory CBD-infused treats. Their fun-filled CBD chocolate flavors include: 

  • Peanut Butter and Jelly.
  • Sesame Harissa
  • Mint Hibiscus
  • Coffee Crunch. 
  • New Mexican Chocolate


Kiva Confections are perhaps one of the pioneers in the CBD industry right now. Operating since 2010, Kiva started off as a boutique family-owned brand, with their first chocolate crafted in the founders’ kitchen. The company collaborated with expert chocolatiers to perfect their savory treats, and the result was nothing less than astounding. It’s also important to note that their products contain around 5mg of THC in a single serving. Their premium CBD infused chocolates come in a variety of flavors that include:

  • Mint Chocolate Chip Dark Chocolates 
  • Blackberry Dark Chocolate
  • Dark Chocolate 
  • Toffee Crunch Dark Chocolate
  • Milk Chocolate
  • Raspberries & Cream White


As the cannabis industry has witnessed such a massive boom recently, mainly due to legalization, many players have popped up in the market offering various CBD-infused products. From gummies, pills, salves to chocolates, there is a wide array of products that you can explore to find the kind that suits you the best. Make sure that you do your research when buying and the products are third-party tested. Since there are many sellers out there providing inferior products, it is imperative that you only buy from reputable sellers. Edibles are a great way to introduce CBD in your daily diet if vaping, pills, or plain old smoking is not your thing. 

This was our assortment of some of the best CBD chocolates available in the market right now. If you think we missed out on a significant product or products worth honorary mentions, feel free to let us know in the comments.