The Most Effective CBD Keto Diet

The keto diet seems to have gained popularity very fast, and it is primarily because of its excellent results. How does CBD and keto fit together, though? This is a question that many CBD users have. The ketogenic diet itself can take time to get used to. The diet works by incorporating a low-carb, high-fat diet which is meant to deprive the body of glucose, thereby forcing it to enter a state of ketosis, which moves your body towards using ketones, or fat, to produce energy. It should be noted, though, that CBD oils do have essential fats in them, which can be incorporated into the CBD keto diet.

How can a CBD Keto Diet Work?

When we think of fat in the human body, we usually think of white adipose tissue. This is the tissue that stores calories and causes us to gain weight. White adipose tissue can be the cause of health issues such as obesity and metabolic disorders. However, our bodies also have another type of fat: brown fat. Brown adipose tissue is found in our bodies and can actually be helpful when we are trying to lose weight. As it is more compact and stores more energy, this type of fat helps us a lot more than white adipose tissue. Studies have shown that CBD and Keto combined can assist in turning the “bad” fat into “good” fats. 

CBD users usually see great results when they try keto diets. This is partly because both CBD and keto are healthier lifestyle choices that aid the body in a multitude of ways. But does CBD oil help with weight loss? Taking CBD supplements along with the keto diet actually assists the process significantly. This is because both target the same areas. 

For instance, in a CBD keto diet, both the CBD and keto help reduce cravings. A reduction in cravings is, of course, beneficial when it comes to dieting. However, it is also helpful because the reduced cravings allow your body to avoid carbohydrates (which is the majority of our cravings) and sustain ketosis. Another property of CBD oil is the reduction of inflammation. This is especially useful for people who have suffered injuries in the past or have conditions that lead to inflammation. Keto has a similar effect on the body which means the two complement each other, thereby making their effects last longer and with better efficacy. 

An unknown factor of weight gain is stress. Of course, while all bodies are different, not everyone will gain weight from stress. Stress causes an increase in cortisol production which can cause an increase in appetite. The spike in cortisol levels causes cravings for specifically fatty and salty foods. This is one reason why people who have high-stress levels crave fast food. CBD and weight loss go together as the regular use of CBD products can regulate cortisol levels and reduce stress. While people may ask about CBD for weight loss doses, they greatly depend on your body type, metabolic rate, and in this case, what your keto diet looks like.

People who are overweight and considering the keto diet also ask, ‘does CBD lower cholesterol.’ A relatively unknown fact about a CBD keto diet is that the ingredients in CBD oil have been shown through scientific studies to regulate lipid uptake and control blood pressure. This, in turn, helps reduce cholesterol issues in the blood.

Can CBD Help With Weight Loss?

The keto diet restricts a lot of things we are used to eating. The change in diet can cause cravings, especially for carbs which are cut out almost entirely with keto. You already know that CBD for weight loss can be used in conjunction with the keto diet to reduce cravings. But once put into perspective, it makes more sense. So let’s do that – the keto diet has cut out all the carbs you love. This is fine initially, but as humans, we are drawn to what is comfortable to us. This means the chances that your body will crave comfort food full of carbs over time are high. As far as CBD oil is concerned, the consistent use of the product will keep your cravings minuscule, making it easy for you to suppress the little craving that you do eventually encounter.

Have you ever struggled with sleep? Have you ever struggled with sleep when starting your keto diet? Some people who start the keto diet tend to have difficulties sleeping. This is normal and happens because the body is using different energy sources and also using various hormones. Your whole body is going loopy from the inside because it has had to adjust to changes overnight. Not having enough sleep can cause weight gain in the body, which is counterproductive when that is your main aim with the keto diet. In fact, a few disruptive nights and a lack of sleep can actually kick the body out of ketosis. This is why the CBD keto diet can be better for you than keto without CBD. When asking if CBD oil and weight loss are linked, it should be kept in mind that there are issues with adjusting to the keto diet, the gaps of which can be filled with CBD. How exactly can CBD aid with sleep? CBD helps regulate your sleep hormones and boosts your REM sleep. REM, or rapid eye movement, is the sleep your body needs to reach to start repairing itself.

How to Use CBD Oil for Weight loss

It is imperative to choose the correct products to see CBD weight loss results when paired with the Keto diet. A great product to opt for when deciding is CBD MCT oil. MCT oil is medium-chain triglyceride oil taken from “good fats” such as coconut oil and dairy. 

A common misconception is that all fats are seen as bad. Although CBD MCT oil benefits include assisting with ketosis but, when combined with a good diet, it also helps provide energy and boost metabolism. CBD MCT oils are essential CBD keto products for those who want to maintain their power during their diet. CBD MCT oil has been known to be paired with keto for the following reasons:

Acts as an Appetite Controller

The MCT in CBD oil works with the hormones in your body that are responsible for your appetite. The CBD MCT oil suppresses the “hungry hormones,” thereby keeping your cravings at bay. When starting the diet, chances are you will crave carbohydrates. The benefit of the CBD Keto diet is that ketones will be increased while your appetite will decrease. 

Promotes Immune System

As with any diet change, your body will be working hard to adapt to the changes in dietary supplements it receives. CBD MCT oil benefits include the blocking of bacteria and yeast in the intestines, which can cause painful bowel issues. This is important as our bodies take time to adapt to lifestyle changes and can sometimes fall short in balancing our immune systems.

Helps with Maintaining Energy

When beginning the Keto diet, people have complained of issues such as “keto flu” and initial low energy. This can affect individuals by causing fatigue and even disallowing them from maintaining their workout regime. When people ask, ‘does CBD oil help, you lose weight? It directly affects one’s immune system, boosting energy levels and impacting how many calories are lost during movement. This is one crucial factor when considering CBD for weight loss.

So How Much CBD Oil for Weight Loss?

We have covered CBD oil benefits for weight loss, but not how much CBD oil is needed. As with all CBD products, the amount required depends on an individual’s physical self. What does this mean?

CBD dosage for weight loss depends on an individual’s weight, metabolic rate, dietary needs, and the nutrients available in the CBD product itself. Each CBD product has a different number of fats, suitable for a CBD keto diet, and have to be measured depending on the individual. As anyone who has explored the keto diet knows, the number of calories one must intake depends on the person’s current weight and weight loss goals. Before jumping into any diet or before taking CBD supplements to support the diet, it is essential to put in ample research. A diet such as keto is a total lifestyle change and requires one to stick to it for at least four to six weeks to see results. While CBD oil can aid the process, the diet and CBD supplements require patience, and above all, consistency! Have a look through all the CBD oils and supplements, paying close attention to their ingredients to ensure they fit well in your diet. With a multitude of different products to choose from, you will definitely find one that will suit you better than the rest. Good luck, and remember: consistency is key!