Top Rated CBD Lip Balms

It seems there are CBD infused products of all kinds. From edibles, pills, salves to even CBD infused water, the list is astounding at the very least. There are so many products aimed at improving your skin health and hair that many people lose sight of taking care of their lips. A decent CBD lip balm can do you wonders in terms of aesthetics, wellness, and benefits. Whether it’s chapped lips, all cracked and damaged, or just plainly lacking moisture, cannabis lip balms have certainly garnered a considerable amount of traction. 

People seeking alternative all-natural solutions swear by CBD lip balms in relieving inflammation and irritation. Hemp lip balms are a revolutionary all-in-one fix popping everywhere on the market today. Give your lips the care they deserve, and if you are looking to take it up a notch, you can also check out the many CBD lip gloss available all around. 

Fix those dry, chapped lips!

Hemp chapsticks or plain old CBD lip balms create a protective shield on your lips upon their application. They seem like a wax-like substance and are made using different cannabis lip balm recipes, preventing your lips from drying out and cracking.  Since CBD has excellent anti-inflammatory and nourishing effects as well, a CBD infused lip balm can do a lot more than just fix those chapped lips. 

Does CBD lip balm work?

Even though there needs to be more research conducted on the effects of CBD in terms of medicinal use, numerous studies done so far indicate that CBD improves skin health in general. According to a study conducted in 2014, It was discovered that CBD has vast anti-inflammatory and sebostatic effects.  The lateral refers to the sebum production, which, although good for our skin’s overall health, but when overproduced, can cause many issues like acne. 

CBD has antibacterial and antioxidant properties naturally, making it an excellent choice for an active ingredient in lip balms and its many other benefits. Since CBD is also suitable for easing pain, alleviating tenderness, and maintaining your skin’s moisture. Lip balms infused with CBD are an excellent fix for chapped and dried-out lips.

Are there any side effects? 

So far, there have been no adverse side effects reported from using CBD infused lip balms. On the contrary, a vast number of people have reported positive results and a general improvement in their conditions after using CBD lip balms.

What to look for when buying?

When you are looking to buy CBD lip balms, it is vital to look for products made with all-natural and organic ingredients. Such items contain no artificial additives, chemicals or pesticides, while also containing multiple essential oils, antioxidants, and vitamins. Most companies have this information available on their websites and in their product descriptions, making it easier for you to make the right choice. 

Top Rated CBD Lip Balms

Dry lips not only look bad but are severely painful too, not to forget they also bleed. To bring you the best CBD lip balm benefits, we have created a list of top-rated CBD lip balms that get you the most out of all the different products available right now while also evaluating their efficacy. 

Vertly CBD Lip Balm Sticks 

Vertly proudly boasts straight garden-to-bottle beauty and well products. Specializing in hemp-based products, they follow strict, slow extraction processes that give you the most potent and rich effects. Their chapsticks are basically hemp oil lip balms containing natural ingredients like cacao butter, shea butter, jojoba, coconut, apricot, and hemp seed oils. An utterly vegan product rich in vitamins, Vertly CBD lip balms are a great option if you are looking for hemp-based lip care.

Smith and Cult – Locked & Lit CBD Lip Balms

A fruity favorite, Smith, and Cult offer premium lip care products that provide you excellent and nourishing CBD lip balm effects. Their Locked & Lit line contains coconut-based MCT oil and CBD along with other beneficial natural ingredients like apple seed oil, vitamins A & E, and those rich fatty acids. Consumers report excellent results after using their CBD lip balms. Made using gluten-free items, the balm has a great apple scent that makes it just as enticing as it is effective.

Veritas Farms Full-Spectrum CBD Lip Balms

You could call this one a THC lip balm, too, as it is made with full spectrum CBD, which means it also contains some trace amounts of THC. But don’t worry, this won’t get you high or intoxicated in any way whatsoever. Veritas Farms’ lip balm also contains essential oils and beeswax while also coming in six fun flavors. While many companies source their CBD stock and infuse it into their products, Veritas is known for growing its own hemp in Colorado. All their products are third-party tested and contain 25mg of CBD in each stick. 

Shea Brand Restorative CBD Lip Balm

If lip balms made solely with CBD isolate is your thing, then look no further! Shea Brand Restorative CBD lip balm is the perfect product for those who are looking for something with absolutely no THC. The brand exclusively uses all-natural ingredients in the manufacturing of its items. This lip balm comes packaged neatly in a biodegradable paper tube and contains coconut oil, Shea butter, Vitamin E, beeswax, peppermint oil, and premium CBD oil extracted from hemp. The CBD used in Shea Brand Restorative CBD lip balm is tested by a third party, and the CBD utilized in it is grown in the USA. Free of pesticides and heavy metal, you can find the COA for this product on the company website. 

Susan’s CBD Hemp Lip Balm

Our runner-up for CBD lip balms without THC would be Susan’s CBD hemp lip balm. Susan’s is another company that uses all-natural ingredients in their products, and their lip balm is made with CBD isolate. Without any artificial coloring and fragrances, their lip balm also contains nutritional components like sweet almond oil, avocado oil, and coconut oil that keep your lips plush and moisturized. All their products are third-party tested and are free of heavy metals and pesticides. Made with zero amount of THC, each lip balm contains 10 mg of CBD per tube. 

Hemplucid Full-Spectrum CBD Lip Balm

If high potency is your game, then Hemplucid full spectrum CBD lip balm is just the thing for you. Coming with a fresh peppermint oil flavor, this lip balm contains a mix of natural non-GMO ingredients like cocoa butter, beeswax, extra virgin coconut oil, vitamin E, and sweet almond oil, among others. The hemp used in their products is locally sourced and is grown in Colorado. Each tube contains about 50mg of full spectrum CBD, making it one of the most potent CBD lip balms currently available in the market. All their products are third-party tested, and COA for products is available on the company website. 


When buying CBD products, it’s mandatory to only buy from reputable companies. Most of the brands selling CBD lip balms offer COAs for their products on their website. However, make sure they are recent, batch-specific, and were produced within the past 12 months. It is recommended that you only use products made with organic and natural ingredients. Since the FDA does not regulate CBD products the way it does supplements and other drugs, it is your responsibility to do the due research before making a purchase. 

You should also read disclaimers for all these products as they could contain potential allergens to avoid any adverse effects. Experiment with different potencies and fix your dosage accordingly. If you think we missed out on your favorite product or one that deserves honorary mentions, do let us know in the comments. If your lips are continuously chapped and irritated, whether due to the weather or personal habits, CBD infused lip balms are a great way to take care of dry lips on the go.