Women are Changing the Landscape of CBD

If you have access to the internet in 2021, chances are you have come across a conversation about CBD. A previously male-dominated industry, women are now bringing about a massive paradigm shift! A report published by Vangst claimed that 38.5% of people employed in the CBD industry in America identify as female. This is why when we found unique women-owned CBD brands creating waves of change, we needed to highlight them! 

What exactly is CBD?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a naturally sourced compound that comes from Cannabis. Contrary to popular belief, CBD does not have psychoactive properties. Products, oils, and edibles containing CBD extract THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) are part of the plant with psychoactive properties. This means the benefits of CBD can be sought without the high you would otherwise get from marijuana. 

Now that we have a clear understanding of the compound let’s focus on the women who are changing the industry!

Martha Stewart’s Gourmet CBD Products

After her famous friendship with Snoop Dogg, Martha Stewart launching a CBD company seems fitting. Martha worked alongside Canopy Growth, a Hemp and CBD industry leader, to make products including CBD gummies, pure CBD oil, and CBD soft gels. What’s really amazing about her products is that they are inspired by her renowned food recipes! 

Part of Martha Stewart’s appeal is her recipes. She carved a space for herself in the food industry through her morning shows and mouthwatering recipes. We needed to remind you of Martha’s cookbook because her CBD line is inspired by… herself! Imagine having access to Martha Stewart’s food in the comfort of your own home! Do you need another reason to try her products?

 “My wellness gummies closely resemble the French confections, pâte de fruits, rather than the sticky, overly sweet versions you might find elsewhere. Created in collaboration with top researchers and scientists at Canopy Growth, I am very proud of the end result: wellness gummies, oil drops, and soft gels that taste as wonderful as they make you feel.” – Martha Stewart. 

Brown Girl Jane

Brown Girl Jane is a community-centric business focused on sisterhood, and we’re here for it! The company is led by Malaika Jones Kebede, Tai Beauchamp, and Nia Jones, who worked together to launch the brand in January 2020. They focus on women of color and their wellness, keeping their products priced reasonably to promote accessibility for women. 

Cannabis criminalization in the US over the past few decades has led to the incarceration of many, many people of color, particularly men. This brand also seconds as a political statement to advocate for Cannabis, especially for its acceptance within the black community. 

Brown Girl Jane creates products for beauty and wellness, using vegan, cruelty-free products. Their products range from CBD infusions of facial serums to body butter. Their entire process offers complete transparency, and all lab reports are easily accessible for anyone who wishes to know more!


Kiva Confections

In 2010, Kristi Palmer, along with her husband, gave the world the wonderful gift of Kiva Confections! The brand was created after the couple realized how much they loved Cannabis and how they wanted to share that love with everyone they knew. The couple began their own CBD home business, making chocolate in their own kitchen!

What started off as two people making chocolate for their friends and family turned into one of the country’s leading CBD edibles brands, with over 200 people employed. Kristi wants to keep her brand sustainable and focus on making sure all the ingredients for her products are sustainably sourced. 

With sustainability, care, and love, the brand has grown into one that delivers 5mg of THC (or less) with every bite! Excuse us while we go try her delectable delights!


Beautiful Stoner Body Essentials 

Yes, you read that right. Beautiful Stoner Body Essentials, more popularly known as BSBE, is the first of its kind black-owned CBD beauty brand from New Orleans! Just like the name suggests, the products are indeed beautiful. Kat, the owner, shows her clearly artistic side with a gorgeous array of products. The simple packaging puts your focus on the products so that when you open your bottle of dried roses and jasmine bath salts, you’ll be rightfully mesmerized. 

BSBE has established itself as one of the most reputable CBD brands available. Kat has created a niche for herself and solidified her space as a woman in the CBD industry!


Soul Addict

Soul addict is one of the first women-owned CBD brands to receive their license from the NC Hemp Commission, which allowed them to farm hemp under the Federal Hemp Pilot Program. Based in Western North Caroline, Soul Addict focuses on using the power of hemp to alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Focusing on women-owned CBD, Laura White, founder of the brand, makes sure to market it as a brand that empowers women through wellness techniques that deviate from the norm. Their belief is to inspire women and spark conversations on hemp and CBD, especially to eradicate the stigma surrounding them. If you’re looking for a calm, soulful brand, this is the one you’ve been looking for!


Two Cranes Botanicals

Fun fact: Two Crane Botanicals is a CBD brand run by identical twins!

Susan and Hanna have always made it a point to prioritize their mental and physical health. They also try to keep their lifestyles as organic and natural as possible, which is why they began their journey with CBD. 

For the sisters, the relief they received from CBD hits close to home. Susan suffered from extreme stress from her corporate finance job witch led to an autoimmune disorder. She further developed cystic acne, which was again a manifestation of workplace stress. Similarly, Hanna suffered from extreme anxiety. After they were introduced to CBD by a friend, their lives changed forever and for the better.

The two set the standard for pioneer women in CBD by taking advantage of their Asian heritage and creating beautiful infusions. Their premium, organic CBD oils are made without pesticides or preservatives, staying true to their nature of keeping things as natural as possible. 

Rosebud CBD

Scrolling through Rosebud CBD’s Instagram will give you a feel of the women centric CBD brand. The brand itself is one of the top women-owned CBD brands, but their aesthetic will make you want to try their products! Beautiful photography and showcasing real, authentic women that find comfort in Rosebud’s products. 

Rosebud’s founder, Alexis, went through life pushing down her anxiety-ridden thoughts. As anyone who has suffered from a panic attack would know, there is little that can fix your state at that moment. Like many others, Alexis was taught to believe Cannabis and CBD were lethal drugs and should never be consumed. However, when her anxiety wouldn’t go away, her sister convinced her to try CBD as a natural relaxant. The rest was history!

“I believe in the power of hemp and Cannabis because our biology shows such a strong and natural connection. I hope Rosebud brings people relief, but more importantly, the ability to live a happy and comfortable life feeling like their best selves.” – Alexis Rosenbaum, Founder, and CEO of Rosebud CBD.

Undefined Beauty

After years of working hard and making it to the top, Dorian Morris can be credited for working with brands such as Cover Girl and Fenty Beauty. You need one look at her brand to know she is a marketing genius! From the packaging to the color schemes, you can see why Rihanna trusted her with her brand. 

Her genius goes way deeper than the look of the brand, though. Undefined beauty is a reputable, black woman-owned CBD brand that not only promotes inclusivity but also leads a movement to “decriminalize wellness.” Paraben-free, sulfate-free, and full of CBD goodness, Dorian leads a brand that makes you look beautiful and leaves you feeling fantastic!

Women-owned CBD businesses are booming! Their product ranges go beyond traditional uses for CBD, such as pain salves and simple tinctures. If you’re looking for calming face serums, why not try GLOW Luminous Facial Serum from Brown Girl Jane? Or Glow Elixir by Undefined Beauty? Do you want to have a relaxing soak in the bathtub? Grab Rosebud’s CBD bath soak. If you really want to spend a day relaxing, take a walk in Martha Stewart’s kitchen through her CBD infused line! As the world moves towards accepting CBD, we’re grateful for the product options we have available to us! 

CBD can be used for various reasons, so whether it is to calm your anxiety, help with your depression, or just wanting to wind down after a stressful day, think about the benefits and give it a go. Whatever your reason for wanting CBD, women in the CBD industry have your back! Now is the time to plan your at-home spa day because relaxing has never been so easy or tasted this good!