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Welcome to Artisan, home of the best quality vape mods. The Artisan Vapor Company provides all the latest models for the passionate vaper.

Starter kits are a great way to begin your vaping experience. But for advanced vapers, we all know that basic starter kits can’t compete with mods.

When you have the best digital vape mod at your disposal, you can say goodbye to all the inconveniences of a simple e-cigarette.

Maybe you are looking for thicker vapor clouds than before. Or, you decided to go for a bigger tank because you find refilling an inconvenience.

Your tank was probably empty by the time you were really busy around the office. Obviously, we don’t expect anyone to stop their busy schedule just for a refill.

With mods, you can always customize anything you want for a personalized vaping experience. Cloud thickness, tank size (i.e. capacity), and – most of all – flavor!

Plus, the Bluetooth function on some of these models lets you control your mod with your phone. The added convenience should be a bonus for many of you.

For example, our good friends at SMOKTech provide the G-Priv 220W Touch Screen Box Mod for all you vapers out there who like to keep it high-tech.

In any case, you shouldn’t waste any more time. The best mod for vape enthusiasts is found right here at the Artisan Vapor Company. Make the upgrade today, order your product now!

P.S. FREE SHIPPING on all orders past $50! It’s fairly easy to hit that mark. If you choose one of our cheaper mods, you can try out some of our cheap good quality e-juice to test it out.