Seth Rogen Launches his Cannabis Brand ‘Houseplant’ in the US

Seth Rogan, renowned actor, filmmaker, and cannabis advocate, just launched his new cannabis brand, and their website crashed almost immediately. A decade in the making, the brand called ‘Houseplant’ launched in Canada in 2019 and just got introduced in the US market. People loved it so much that their website went down due to heavy traffic and the number of orders.

Along with his creative partner, Evan Goldberg, Rogen launched Houseplant on 11th March in California, offering high potency cannabis strains and other goods. For now, the flower buds will only be available to people living in the state of California. However, other goods and wares can be shipped anywhere and can be purchased online. During these times when micro-dosing is the hot fad, Rogen is targeting more experienced users by offering strong and potent products.

Meant for veteran cannabis connoisseurs, Houseplant boasts a whopping 33% THC potent cannabis strains, making it a high-end product on the market. Even the brand’s Instagram states the prime reason for buying Houseplant is that ‘it’s strong.’ Falling in line with their stoner flick Pineapple Express, Goldberg and Rogen have named their strains after weather phenomenon. Houseplant offers two Sativa, namely, Diablo Wind and Pancake Ice, and one Indica cannabis strain called Pink Moon. Rogen took to social media and exalted Pancake Ice as the 33% THC strain that he smokes all day himself.

Houseplant is currently based in Los Angeles and will expand its retail availability throughout the state of California soon. The buds come in sleek tin containers are color-coded according to the strain, orange for Sativa and purple for Indica. 3.5 grams of Houseplants flower buds retail at $60, making them a premium product on the market.

Houseplant also features a line of housewares like ashtrays, lamps, and artisanal lighters in addition to their proprietary cannabis line. In a press release, Rogen also talked about their extensive R&D processes, stating, “When vetting cultivators, a rigorous process is followed to ensure alignment in values, including quality of product, sustainable cultivation techniques, operational consistency, business acumen, and commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.”

According to the same press release by Houseplant, Rogen and Goldberg tested hundreds of strains before decided on the three strains offered. Rogen also commented on the underlying racial discrimination in cannabis laws and said that the brand comes with a “commitment to changing the unjust and racist cannabis laws that still exist in today’s society.” Houseplant is also aimed at working with the criminal justice system to fix the disparity in such persecutions. Houseplant also provides funding to organizations like Marijuana Policy Project, Cage Free Cannabis, Cannabis Amnesty, and NORML reportedly.