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The Artisan Vapor Company provides only top-notch services for lovers of vapor and e-cigarettes. Our selections of starter kits come only from well-established companies around the world.

We have something for fans of SMOKTech’s products, or even those who prefer to go the eGo route. Not only that, but we also hold Joyetech, Innokin, and Vaporesso if those brands are more fitting to your style.

Either way, our vapor cigarettes are priced way below their actual market value. These e-cigarettes vaporizer kits have helped many of our valuable customers quit the unhealthy habit of smoking.

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, we have the perfect e-cigarette kit for you. As a beginner you can go for the Kanger SUBVOD which is bundled with a TOPTANK Nano. If Sub-Ohm vaping is your thing, then it’s a great upgrade from the regular eGo kit.

If you are a pro, an ideal personal vaporizer, Smok Alien Kit is a complete package for all those e-cigarette consumers who like to use a variable voltage and wattage device in a fashionable manner.

Now, it might be difficult at first for those of you who were really trapped in the tobacco loop. Fortunately, e-cigarette nicotine content can be regulated these days.

Just grab some cheap good quality e-juice from our store and choose between the varying nicotine levels available.

But let us return to our vapor cigarettes. You should know that you can choose from a multitude of kits to suit your vaping style. Vape sticks, box kits, we have them all.

The Artisan Company assortment comes in all kinds of different shapes, sizes, colors, and Wattages. They are perfect for your vaping needs, and also make great gifts for your friends!

The best part – for every order higher than $50, you get FREE SHIPPING. Keep an eye out on our frequent e-cigarette sales, and you can catch up to 32% savings on any of our products!