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To become a professional vaper, it is essential that one has the e cigarette accessories to do so. When you just start vaping, at first it seems pretty simple and straightforward but the truth is, it’s not. Once you are hooked to vaping, you want to enhance your experience and make it more enjoyable. Vaper accessories came into play at this point; they transform the whole vaping experience and improve it significantly. The biggest difference between a professional and beginner level vaper is that beginners have not started using an e cigarette accessories. The more you get habitual of the accessories, the better experience you get to enjoy. Some of the most common e cigarette accessories are: batteries, chargers, coils, rebuildable, replacement glass, and unicorn bottles.


Instead of calling vape batteries an accessory, they should be called as one of the necessities of vaping. You can find a large number of batteries in the market for your vape pen. Choose the brand and type according to your preferences, and get an e cigarette battery which works the best for you. At Artisan Vapor Company, you can get the best batteries available in market from top brands.


E cigarette come in two types; disposable and rechargeable. Disposable e cigarettes can be vaped only once and then are disposed. Rechargeable e cigarettes, evident from their name, can be recharged and vaped again. Rationally speaking, for recharging your vape pen – you require a charger to do so.  Mostly, output of chargers of e cigarettes is 24 Amperes. When you purchase a vape charger next time, don’t forget to check its output.


Coil, also known atomizer is the e cigarette part that gets hot. The e-liquid is converted into vapor form by the coil and is then vaped by the vaper. If you do not have a good coil, you will have a really bad vaping experience, which is why you should always invest on a good coil. There are a number of sizes and shapes available for coils. Typically, they are manufactured from steel, metal or copper.

Replacement Glass

If your tank has broken or it looks pretty grim and old, replacement glass is the most cost-effective way to repair it and give it a new look. Instead of replacing the whole tank, you can get it repaired and save your hard-earned money. They come in different forms like stainless, glass etc. Purchase these e cigarette accessories today from Artisan Vapor.


If you are the type of person who loves to customize everything to his/her own taste then rebuildable is perfect for you. Personalize your vape just the way you love and enjoy vaping

Artisan Vapor takes pride in offering the top quality e cigarette accessories in the world. Whether you want to upgrade your current charger, or want to rebuild your vape – you can find everything you need from our store. All accessories are from the best vaping brands in the world, which will revolutionize your vaping experience.