WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Accessories are varied and numerous when it comes to e-cigs: Batteries of all sizes and power levels, chargers and cables, replacement glass for damaged tanks, rebuilding supplies like cotton and wire, squeeze bottles for transporting and dispensing juice and drip tips in a wide-assortment of styles and colors. Whether your pursuing a custom coil-build, repairing an existing unit or simply looking to customize your setup, we’ve got you covered.

Batteries: Artisan Vapor and CBD offers numerous battery options: 18650, 21700, 20700, 26650 and built-in options. If you’re venturing into using an e-cig with a removable battery for the first time we strongly recommend you reach out to a sales rep online or visit us in person at one of our retail locations. There are a variety of brands and milliampere (mAh) options with each type of battery and while some mods offer the option to run multiple types such as an 18650 and 21700 in the sane unit, others will exclusively support only one style. Any removable battery needs to be treated with the respect it deserves though and it is imperative you learn some basic rules of safety before using one. When making an initial battery purchase be sure to ask us for one of our “Battery Safety Guides,” which covers some of the fundamentals you should be aware of. Don’t worry, you won’t need a doctorate in engineering to use a removable battery, but there are important things to be aware of. Batteries should be kept away from extreme hot or cold temperatures, they should never be placed unprotected in your pocket with loose change or your keys (as this can cause them to short and overheat) but should be kept in a plastic storage case (we sell those too!) and generally when using pairs they should be kept together when charged. We’re here to answer any and all battery questions you may have, so please don’t hesitate to ask us.

Chargers: E-cigs fall into two types when it comes to charging – disposable and rechargeable. Obviously disposable devices such as Stigs and Skol Uno devices are one-time-use only and are simply thrown away when they stop working. Rechargeable devices are better for long-term use and are certainly more environmentally friendly long-term too. When choosing a charger be sure to check that it accommodates the type of battery you wish to charge and that it produces the output you are seeking, to low and your batteries won’t charge quickly or completely, too high and you can run into potential safety issues. Again, don’t be afraid to ask a sales rep as to which charger will best suit your needs. Please note that while many e-cig battery chargers will also charge typical AA batteries and similar the inverse IS NOT true, so never attempt to recharge you removable batteries in anything other than a device specifically designed for your battery type.

Coils: Obviously you won’t get very far in your vaping experience if you don’t have atomizers or coils (both interchangeable terms for the same thing) for your tank. Coils will significantly effect your user experience in a variety of ways – How much vapor you produce, how warm or cool that vapor is, how pronounced the flavor is and how long each one will last. Most tanks will only support one manufacturers coils, though more frequently we are seeing some cross-compatibility across brands. Lower resistance coils normally produce more vapor and heat and are designed to run at higher wattage settings. Almost every tank will support coils of various resistances, so you can switch them out based on your personal preference and vaping requirements. Again, we here to answer any questions you may have, there are a LOT of coil varieties and options out there and we want to ensure that we get you the perfect product for you needs.

Replacement glass: If you’ve dropped your tank and broken the glass then there may not be a need to buy a whole new tank, you may be able to simply unscrew your tank and replace the glass within. Be sure to confirm your tank model and size before ordering a replacement as they can be very specific by model type. You may even be able to increase the volume of liquid you hold in your tank by upgrading the glass to a “bubble” version. As always feel free to ask us if you have questions over the type you need.