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Box Mods

Box Mods are truly rule the E cigarette market. Let us take a step back; we know that there are various types of Mods in the market ranging from mechanical mods to box mods. When we compare the physical features of an average pen shaped E cigarette with a box mod, we see that a box mod is a much bigger and different shaped device. This gives it a very different feel when held in one’s hand, making it a favorite for those people who prefer a nice grip on their device. Furthermore since the E-Liquid is safe inside the strong box mod, there is no need to worry about anything breaking and leaking as result which is often the case for the E liquid inside Pyrex tubes.Another fun benefit is that they won’t roll of the table easily like the cylindrical E cigarettes out there. Furthermore this device also has multiple new features such as options to attach different types and sizes of batteries.
Box Mods are extremely popular with all our customers and have an ever increasing demand. Box Mods also offer a great deal of versatility by being available in many versions ranging from low powered box mods, to high powered Box Mods and equipped with the latest features such as Temperature and Wattage/Voltage adjustment. These devices produce massive amounts of power which coupled with the ease of use, reliability and safety make them truly a must have for most of the vaping enthusiasts out there no matter how experienced or inexperienced they are. Box Mods are the go to device for cloud chasers since they not only provide a great power output but also provide a big amount of delicious vapor content.

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