The Essentials of CBD for Pets

CBD for pets is gaining just as much popularity as CBD for people, and the benefits claimed are miraculous. Just like all the fads and trending self-care routines, there is a high amount of misinformation floating around the internet. Differentiating between fact and exaggeration may become a tad challenging for you. For that very reason, we will help you in finding the best CBD fix for your pets backed up by scientific and factual data. 

Is CBD Bad for Pets?

As a rule of thumb, it is recommended that you only use broad-spectrum or CBD isolates when treating your pets. THC is 6 to 8 times more toxic to cats and dogs than it is to humans. So, make sure the CBD products you are buying for your pet contain no THC just to be safe. 

Do Vets Recommend CBD Oil?

Except for California and Colorado, vets in any other state can not discuss CBD usage in pets. However, in the states mentioned above, vets can discuss CBD as a treatment for pets but cannot prescribe any such medicine. Unofficially, however, the word is that the FDA has only approved one drug containing CBD called Epidiolex, which is used to treat two severe forms of epilepsy. Just like doctors, vets too can only prescribe Epidiolex to pets. 

Does CBD Really Help Pets? 

There has been plentiful anecdotal evidence of CBD helping pets, due to which some studies were conducted to determine the benefits of CBD for pets in a clinical setting. One of the studies was conducted by the US National Center for Biotechnology Information on the effects of CBD-based oils in dogs. While no side effects were reported, the study also claimed that 2mg/kg of CBD given to your dog twice daily could increase comfort levels and activity. 

While another study conducted by the Colorado State University observed that the animals – specifically dogs – had irregular metabolic cycles after ingesting CBD treats and experienced mild diarrhea, nasal discharge, and pinnal erythema. While another study conducted in 2018 on using CBD as a painkiller for pets showed no side effects. CBD for pets is not exactly regulated by the FDA, so a large sum of benefits reported are mostly anecdotal. 

The few studies conducted in-between work with a relatively smaller sample size to produce any conclusive results. Researches on a larger level are needed to produce scientific data that supports all these claims. 

Just because CBD products for animals aren’t regulated properly, it does not mean they are useless or dangerous to your pets. Many pet owners claim that CBD has really helped their pet with issues like anxiety, pain, osteoarthritis, and more. Even potential side effects are mild and are far from being lethal in any way. As a result, the onus is on you to conduct your own research, find the proper dosage and form of CBD to give to your pet.

Are there many common side effects of CBD for Pets?

As long as you are following the proper dosage, CBD use won’t harm your pets in any way. Some mild side-effects that your pet could possibly experience include:

  • Dry mouth 
  • Lowered Blood Pressure
  • Drowsiness or Lethargy

CBD Products for Pets

Although there may be many CBD products for pets stocked up at your local stores and floating around on the internet, we will help you narrow it down to a few for you. You can definitely check these out and let us know which one worked for you the best.


Charlotte’s Web CBD for Pets

Expertly designed for your dog’s optimal health, Charlotte’s Web’s CBD line for pets features a healthy line of chicken flavored oils and topical balms to soothe your dog’s pain. Made from high-quality hemp grown locally in Colorado, all their products are certified by the National Animal Supplement Council for their quality and rigorous testing. Next to oils and topicals, you can also check out their calming chews for dogs. Charlotte’s Web’s pet CBD products aren’t just aimed at dogs but also promote canine wellness. 

Ellevet Hemp CBD+CBDA Feline Oil

Ellevet Science’s feline hemp oil is specifically designed for cats ensuring accurate dosing for your feline friend. You can give a dose twice a day, either orally or mixed in food. Their website boasts an incredible 6 months of product testing aimed at providing the best of quality. Ellevet Sciences Feline Hemp oil is said to encourage better mobility, comfort, and calm in your pets. Their product range also features hemp oil meant for dogs, offering the best of both worlds.

CBDistillery CBD Oil for Pets

Known for its superior products, CBDistillery is a household name for all things CBD. Their top-of-the-line hemp seed oil for dogs and cats is cold-pressed making it easier for your pet to digest. CBDistillery also offers tinctures for pets that come in different sizes and strength levels. 

Cornbread Hemp Oil for Pets 

Cornbread Hemp’s CBD oil for pets is a top-quality product free from all preservatives, GMO’s, and gluten. All their products offer third-party test reports on their website and are made with USDA certified organic Kentucky Hemp, all-natural MCT coconut oil, and their signature corndog flavoring. Anecdotal evidence suggests that it is an excellent option for your pets to alleviate discomfort, anxiety, and joint pain. 

In Conclusion 

Remember, the FDA does not regulate CBD products for pets, so you will have to do research of your own to find the right product for your pet. Make sure you go over the ingredients list and find COA for all the products that you are thinking of buying. Also, steer clear of all brands and products that make medical claims on their branding, labels, or website, as such claims are not backed up by any actual science. It’s also a good idea to stay updated on the current veterinary cannabis research, so you can make informed decisions without endangering the lives of your beloved pets.