FDA introduces New Rules!

Artisan Vapor & CBD is a well-known name for vapers across America! With over 45 stores in the United States, they are the general go-to for any and all vape needs. In addition to their wide range of vape and CBD products, the company particularly emphasizes educating its customers on CBD. They have in-house CBD coaches to cater to questions, concerns, and general misconceptions for all their customers.

Late last year, the Food and Drug Administration called for all vape companies to submit their Premarket Tobacco Applications (PMTA). This required vape companies to abide by extensive rules and regulations to continue their businesses, resulting in many major vape companies closing down permanently.

Artisan Vapor & CBD was one of the first to comply and rigorously followed FDA protocols. Nevertheless, now after a lengthy process, Artisan vapor and CBD can proudly say the Food and Drug Administration has accepted their premarket tobacco application. A company spokesperson also commented that it had been a long and tedious process, so much so that many vape & CBD companies did not even attempt it.

To maintain their position as one of the top wholesalers in the US, Artisan Vapor & CBD overcame many hurdles to ensure their customer needs were fully catered to. Customer satisfaction and quality distribution is and will always remain Artisan Vapor & CBD’s top priority.

Several other companies could not commit and persevere through the challenges set by the FDA. In fact, many of them shut down within months of the FDA’s new requirements. Artisan Vapor and CBD has promised customers their full cooperation regarding all laws and FDA requirements and therefore remain successful in their business.

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