How To Clean A Vape Tanks & Coils For Beginners (Easy Way)

Vape pens offer cannabis users a wide range of e-liquids that can taste exquisite. The vaping industry can be worth over $105 billion by 2028. A vape pen is a portable device you can travel with anywhere and at any time. If you’re new to vaping, you may want to find out how to clean a vape pen to get the most out of your vape sessions.

Vaping devices help you unwind.

Why should you clean your vape?

A clean vape device can last longer and provide a smoother experience while vaping. Many people who are used to vaping will vouch for the fact that cleaner vape pens are safer to use. You can clean your vape regularly to increase the size of vape clouds and ingest better flavors from your favorite vape juice and e-liquid.

Clean your vape to have a smooth experience.

Vape pens with coils that are clogged can lead to a lower amount of vape clouds created from the vape device. A messy vape coil can reduce the taste of your e-liquid. If you don’t constantly clean your vape, you can end up using a lot more of your vape juice than you may require.

An e-liquid or a vape juice that contains chemicals such as nicotine and vegetable glycerin can darken vape tanks. An atomizer coil that is left unchecked in a vape device may get it burnt faster, needing you to replace the coils every month. Most vape device users replace their vape coils every week because they don’t clean vape devices often.

It can cost you hundreds of dollars in maintenance if you don’t know how to clean a vape properly. Replacing vape coils, vape tanks, and batteries can be an expensive ordeal for people who enjoy vaping.

You don’t want to invest your money in an e-liquid or vape juice that tastes burnt in your vape device. There are quite a few resources available in the market to help you clean your vape device. You can clean a vape pen using warm water, a paper towel, rubbing alcohol, and dish soap to ensure maximum flavor and vapor production from your hits.

How to clean a vape

The quality of a vape pen depends on how you clean it. Cannabis consumers are concerned about the safety of their vape pens. Electronic vaping devices with squeaky clean vape coils and vape tanks will provide better vapor production to their users.

Cleaning your vape can be a simple process.

A vape pen that isn’t clean can affect the functionality of the device. Vaping with unclean devices can leak the e-liquid from the vape tank and burn vape coils faster than you would expect. Removing any stubborn residue or e-liquid remaining in the vape tank can result in thicker vape clouds being generated from the vaping devices.

If you vape on a regular basis, you can clean your vape with warm water and a paper towel to remove residue from your device. Overfilling tanks with an e-liquid in the small metal chamber will require proper cleaning to avoid a gunked-up coil.

Unlike an electronic cigarette, vaping devices such as pod systems and box mods need deeper cleaning from time to time. The heating element of a vaping device can vary based on the wicking material and the coil heads of your vape. Letting dirty coils soak in e-liquids will require proper cleaning.

You can use replaceable coils after cleaning the vape tank to prevent burnt flavor and dry hit during your vape sessions. The replaceable coils and the vape device can be wiped completely dry using an air dry or a cotton swab for a deep clean.

You can consume cannabis products using a vaping device.

If you use dry herbs and cannabis flowers for vaping, it can be harder to clean your vape device. Marijuana flowers containing delta 8 THC and delta 9 THC can leave behind residue in your vape tank. You may need to air dry your vape tank to get rid of tiny twigs that have accumulated inside the device.

Cleaner vaping devices can make the vapor easier to inhale into your lungs through your mouth. People who prefer the direct-to-lung (DTL) inhalation method have to clean the mouthpiece and the tank thoroughly to avoid getting hit with the remaining e-liquid on their mouth and face.

Different parts of a vape

Before you start cleaning your vape device, you can find out more about the different parts of a vape. You can completely disassemble a vape device to discover the various components involved in making the electronic gadget work.

You’ll need at least a couple of screwdrivers and a dry cloth to start cleaning your vape device. The different parts of a vape include –

The mouthpiece

The mouthpiece or the drip tip is the top-most part of a vape pen. You can inhale the vapor from your vaping device through the mouthpiece. Most mech mods and box mods have a detachable mouthpiece. These mouthpieces usually vary between a 510 and 810 drip tip.

You can use the drip tip to inhale the vapor.

It acts as a vapor pathway that connects the vape tank to your mouth. The 510 drip tip is smaller compared to the 810 drip tip. Adding a few drops of e-juices into the vape tank can assure a strong flavor production.

The 810 drip tip is much larger, allowing users to take longer hits. The inhaled vapor from the 810 drip tip can preserve more of the precious flavor without a complicated process getting involved in the production of vapor. You can use isopropyl alcohol to wipe the mouthpiece clean.

The atomizer

The atomizer is a key component of a vape device. It is found directly below the mouthpiece. The atomizer is connected to a coil that is used to heat the e-juices in the tank and release vapor through the mouthpiece.

The atomizer heats the vape juice.

A clean atomizer needs to have an absorbent wick to provide sufficient heat to the vaping device. You can use a cleaning brush to gently graze the atomizer to remove dust particles and any other form of impurities.

There are several atomizers available in vape stores that offer a range of electrical resistances. These atomizers are measured in ohms. Most vaping devices have atomizers that use coils below 0.5 ohms.


The atomizer is connected to your battery, the component that is in charge of generating energy for heating the vape juices. Any unregulated fluctuations in the energy output from the battery to the atomizer can obstruct smooth vapor production from the vaping device.


Make sure the atomizer you purchase for your vaping device has large wicking holes set to accommodate the creation of huge vapor clouds. Atomizers that have coil heads with smaller airflow holes in them deliver a more potent flavor while creating smaller clouds of vapor.

The coil

The coil of a vaping device is found at the top of an atomizer, otherwise called an atomizer head. The wicking material of a coil is usually a thin metallic wire that is wound around the atomizer. You can pour the e-juices directly on the coil for a harsher hit from your vaping device.

Replace the coil regularly.

If you’re using a metallic coil, soak it in the e-juice till the remaining liquid fills the vape tank. Many cannabis users like dry-burning herbs and flowers to enjoy a good dose of THC using their vaping device. If you’re using cotton coils, lightly dip the cotton in the vape juices till there is no leftover liquid in the tank.

A rebuildable atomizer makes coil cleaning an easy process and delivers optimal performance. You can clean rebuildable coils using soapy water, hot water, or distilled water. Blow air into the coil to let the water pass out of the coil smoothly and take out any taste from the previous flavor.

You can keep a dry q tip in your coil cleaning tool. Rinse with water and use the q tip to remove excess liquid from the coils. You won’t have to force water out by using a q tip properly. People with clogged coils in their vaping devices have claimed that the quality of vapor dropped significantly, resulting in less vapor being produced from the e-juices.


Every once in 2 weeks, you can replace the coils. Dry burn an atomizer after removing the wick to avoid spoiling the taste of a potent vape juice. A light, dry burn from coils may indicate if the coil needs to be replaced immediately. If you’re choosing between the material of the coil, your decision doesn’t have to be final.

Dry burn a coil for a few seconds till the coil burns bright orange before refilling the vape tank. It is also an excellent chance for you to try different materials with various vape juices. You can avoid exposing vape juices to direct sunlight to keep them from losing their potency.

Many vape device users prefer to use an Ultrasonic Cleaner to clean their coils. An Ultrasonic Cleaner helps you maintain RTAs, RDAs, sub-ohm tanks, and metallic coils effortlessly.

The tank

You need to know how to clean a vape tank to have a fully satisfying experience with your vaping device. You can clean the tank every time you change the flavor of your e-juices. Vape juices containing chemicals that include vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, and nicotine can leave behind a strong residue in the tank.

Remove the tank before cleaning.

To clean the tank, you can remove the tank from the vaping device. The tank is connected to the battery and the mouthpiece. You can disassemble the tank from both of these parts and remove any excess fluid within the tank.

Once the tank has been removed from the battery of the vaping device, take out the atomizer, coil, and mouthpiece and set them aside. Pour warm water into a bowl and add a few drops of washing fluid into it. Place the tank inside the bowl of water and gently scrub the tank with your fingers till the flavor is completely washed out.

If you’re convinced that the tank is squeaky clean, rinse the tank in water without the washing liquid and use a cleaning cloth to wipe it dry.

The battery

Most vaping devices have a large battery attached to them. If you’re using a disposable vape pen, you don’t have to spend a lot of time cleaning the battery. You can use a clean cloth to wipe the vape pen dry and continue using the electronic device.

If you’re using a box mod or a mech mod, the battery plays a significant role in helping you maintain a safe and satisfactory vaping session. The battery is found below the tank of the vaping device. You can remove the battery and wipe it dry using a cleaning cloth. Spray the cleaning cloth with an antibacterial liquid to help you sanitize the battery before using it with the vaping device.

Do not soak the battery in water as it may electrocute the vaping device or cause malfunctions while using the vape. If the battery is running low on charge, you can plug it into a charging port before vaping. It helps to keep a few spare batteries with you in your vaping kit. Traveling with the vaping device and spare batteries will provide uninterrupted vaping sessions and make them last longer.

The display unit

The display unit of a vaping device can be helpful while configuring the electronic gadget. It is usually found near the Fire button of a vaping device. A foggy display unit can make it hard to set the voltage, wattage, and temperature of the vaping device.

Clean the display unit often.

In order to clean the display unit, you can use a dry cloth with a cleaning liquid. Rub the display unit with a dry cloth till you can see the screen clearly.

How to change the e-liquid

The e-liquid of your vaping device has a ton of flavors to choose from. Brands like Koi, Anything Is Popsicle, Aqua Synthetic, and Coastal Clouds offer dozens of tasty flavors that contain a variety of cannabinoids.


Fill the e-juice using the drip tip.

In most cases, you should clean the tank after every vaping session. It will help the vaping device absorb more of the flavor from the e-juices. If you don’t wash out the tank before changing the e-liquid, you may get a taste of the last flavor that you used in your mouth.

Right before you change the e-liquid of your vape, you can flush out the tank and take a few puffs with a dry burn to heat any residue left on the coil and the tank. Alternatively, you can blow into the mouthpiece of the vaping device while holding down the Fire button. You can also lower the wattage of the device while blowing into the mouthpiece to avoid burning the wick.

Make sure the vape tank and the atomizer of your vaping device are completely clean from the previous e-liquid. You can pour a couple of drops of the new e-liquid into the device using the drip tip.

If you want to use multiple flavors in your vaping device, you can use 2 – 3 different e-juices to fill the tank. After filling the tank with various flavors that suit your needs, you can rotate the vaping device without shaking it till the tank absorbs the combination of the e-juices.

Press the Fire button to start vaping the new flavor from your vaping device. If you’ve finished your vaping session, place the vaping device in an upright vertical position to avoid any spillage of the new e-liquid that has been poured into the electronic gadget.


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