Vaping to Quit Smoking – Kick Out your Ugly Smoking Habit Now

You being here in this space definitely means that you are tired of hearing the health setbacks of smoking. It also means that you are most probably tired of trying all the different so-called alternatives to smoking, which includes chewing nicotine gums which are not so satisfying, or all the different inhalers that fail to give you that rush you want. Even if you haven’t tried all that, let me save you some time, they are not reliable. Smoking addiction has proven to be an annoying one, not to forget the fact that it has also been proven that it is extremely harmful for not just one organ of your body but to a handful of them. So what to do? Where to go? And more importantly, how to get rid of this everlasting bad habit? Vaping. Vaping to quit smoking is the answer to all your questions. This may not make sense to you at the moment, but go through the whole article and it will.

What causes cigarettes to be harmful?

Cigarettes are made up of tobacco, which is the only plant that is used to create the drug called nicotine. Now, how cigarettes work is very simple, it burns up the tobacco to create a smoke which you inhale. This may seem similar to Vaping, but is actually very different. This tobacco smoke (which basically contains thousands of other chemicals) creates a tar which sticks to your lungs when you inhale the smoke. This tar can cause numerous very serious health issues like many types of cancers (stomach cancer, lung cancer etc etc) along with other health issues too.

vaping to quit smoking
vaping to quit smoking

Leave drug addiction once and for all

Leaving drug addiction once and for all might seem a dream to the hardcore smokers at the moment, but wait after you get your hands on one of our E-Cigarettes, you will thank us for letting you use vaping to quit smoking. So before I tell you how all this works, you should know what difference does it make if you’re using a cigarette versus you using an E-Cigarette.First and foremost, the major difference between the two components is smoke versus vape. E-Cigarette does not burn tobacco to create a smoke like its harmful counterpart, it burns the E-Liquid(an organic flavored liquid) to create a vapor (like a cloud) which you would inhale with a certain, measured amount of nicotine. This nicotine is not mixed with thousands of other chemicals that are injected into you when you burn a normal cigarette. It is merely a vapor of organic liquids.

How to use vaping to quit smoking?

How this would work would be for you to buy one of our premium E-Cigarettes from your preferable brand. Don’t worry if you’re new to this, we have all the premium brands from all around the world who deal in E-Cigarettes. So fast forwarding to you choosing the best vape to quit smoking. You would, instinctively go with the highest rated nicotine E-Liquid variants (and that’s totally fine, you got to start from somewhere) however, you will not stick to this nicotine level for too long. After a couple of weeks, you will step down a level say from 6mg nicotine to 3mg nicotine and this goes on until you move on to no nicotine at all. Along the process you will notice that you are less addicted to nicotine every other day. This would not only help you stop smoking but also give you a great leisure along the way.
I hope you are just as excited about you quitting smoking as we are for you, head over to the poll started by FDA and vote against your ugly habit today. Support you new vaping family now, to vote, click here

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