What are Positive side effects of vaping?

What is vaping?

Apart from the people from our vaping community who know the essence of vaping in its true sense, some people might not be aware of the term vaping. While some of these people are smokers who are looking for healthy alternatives, while some just need a hobby in their routines. Either way, vaping is one of the most productive and enjoyable side hobby.
In its simplest form, vaping is a phenomena of a coil heating up a liquid to create vapors. These liquids are created from organic mixtures of Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin (PG and VG) These mixtures are mixed with a measured amount of nicotine (which is obviously known to the user) and the mixture of all these compounds is called an E-Liquid. After you have refilled your E-Cigarette with your favorite E-Liquid, you start your vape and the coil inside it heats this liquid to produce a cloud, which you then inhale.
what is vaping

Positive Effects of Vaping

  1. Call your quits on smoking

The first and the largest positive  effect of vaping is that it helps you quit the ugly habit of smoking. According to a survey, more than half of the Vapers were previously at some point smokers and due to E-Cigarettes they were able to call its quits. How this actually works is you have to start vaping with the highest nicotine level possible to you to fulfil your nicotine addiction. After staying with one nicotine level for a while, you step down a little. This keeps on repeating until you can vape without any nicotine in your E-Liquid.

  1. Re-fillable not disposable

As we all know, smoking can cause a great mess when it comes to environmental issues. In our daily lives, at all smoking spots we see thousands of cigarette buds laying down there. However, E-Cigarette takes the lead in this case too, being re-fillable it creates very little or almost no harm to the environmental status of the world.

  1. Clean Puffs

Unlike regular cigarettes, E-Cigarettes have a thing we call vapors and not smokes. That is because it is a vapor in its true essence. It is merely a cloud of some organic liquids which has your preferable flavors to it. Where as in regular Cigarettes the smoke from burning tobacco is mixed with thousands of different chemicals which can cause numerous lung diseases and cancers.
E-Cigarettes have proven to be cleaner, healthier and more enjoyable than your regular cigarettes, where it’s not a serious threat to your lungs and other organs, you can also enjoy it at the same time.
To support your vaping community and to save more people from the ugly smoking habit, Comment Now in favor of your favourite hobby, Vaping.

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