How Long Does Delta 8 THC Stay in Your System? (2022)

Delta 8 THC and Delta 9 THC are among the most psychoactive substances that are derived from cannabis. The growing demand for delta 8 THC products has led to an increase in Google searches by 705% between 2020 – 2021. Beginners to cannabis culture may be wondering how long does delta 8 stay in your system? There are quite a few factors that can impact the effects of delta 8 THC on your body.


Vaping delta 8 can be a refreshing experience.

Delta 8 THC and its effects on your body

Many cannabis consumers use delta 8 THC products for their medicinal properties. Delta 8 THC products have a number of health benefits that include reducing your anxiety, increasing your appetite, decreasing inflammation in your body, alleviating chronic pain, and helping you focus on your day-to-day activities.

Delta 8 vape devices can make you look amazing.

You can feel the effects of delta 8 THC in your body from anywhere between a few minutes and up to five hours, depending on consumption method and dosage. If you’ve got an interview or a drug test coming in the near future, it’s best to avoid taking delta 8 THC products as they may turn positive for delta 8 THC metabolites.


Regular users of delta 8 THC and delta 9 THC have higher chances of failing drug tests. Most companies that require their employees to take drug tests will need to undergo either urine, hair follicle, blood, or a saliva drug test. Unlike a generic drug test, these drug tests will check for delta 8 THC metabolites in your system. Most drug tests can detect THC metabolites for weeks after you’ve stopped consuming the cannabinoid.

Similar to delta 9 THC, delta 8 THC products can alter your senses and have a direct impact on your perception. How you see and perceive objects and people around you after ingesting or vaping delta 8 THC can differ significantly. A reduced reaction time, impaired motor skills, and lower memory retention are some of the other factors that can negatively affect your body while on delta 8 THC.


How long do the effects of delta 8 last?

Delta 8 THC is a natural cannabinoid that has milder effects compared to delta 9 THC. How long delta 8 effects can stay in your system depends on your age, weight, gender, body’s metabolism, and other factors that are physiological.


Vaping is the fastest way to get high from delta 8 products.

The consumption method can also play an important part in how long delta 8 products can stay in your system. Vaping delta 8 THC products or smoking cannabis flowers is the fastest way of getting high from the cannabinoid. It can take just a few minutes to get intoxicated from vaping e-liquids, vape juices, and dry herbs.

Different ingestion methods can drastically vary in the time it takes for the same THC metabolites to settle into your body. When consumed orally, the psychoactive effects of delta 8 THC can take a few hours to kick in. Delta 8 THC derived from the cannabis plant has to enter your digestive system to be absorbed into your body.


Chemical compounds of the psychoactive substance are primarily metabolized through fat cells and body fat. The very broad range of cannabis products that include tinctures, apple cider vinegar gummies, and other forms of delta 8 THC can remove unwanted toxins that can get in the way of a healthy and balanced diet. The effects of delta 8 edibles can last up to five hours after consumption.


How long does delta 8 stay in your system?

If you’ve just started using cannabis products, you may want a definitive answer to the question, how long does delta 8 stay in your system? Depends on several factors that include how often you use delta 8 products, their potency, the method of consumption, the metabolic rate of your body, and the other supplements that you might be consuming.


Delta 8 THC products can be highly potent.

Now that you’ve understood the effects of delta 8 on your body, it is necessary to know that it takes much longer for the THC metabolites to exit your system. A standard drug test, such as a blood, urine, saliva, or hair follicle test, will be able to detect THC for weeks after you’ve used delta 8 products.

First-time users of delta 8 products can sip on a detox drink or cranberry juice to flush out molecules of THC out of their system. Drinking plenty of water can also ensure that the delta 8 compounds are removed from your body in just a week.

Occasional users of delta 8 products may be wondering how long does delta 8 stay in your system? It can take about a month to eradicate cannabis metabolites from your body. An upcoming drug test can detect remaining THC metabolites for weeks after you’ve taken your last hit from your vape device.

Taking a drug test in the same week that you’ve used delta 8 products will definitely cause you to fail a drug test. An impending drug test can easily detect THC, even when found in trace amounts. You don’t want to fail a drug test after taking one puff from a box mod or snacking on a delta 8 gummy from earlier that week.


How long does delta 8 stay in your system if you’re a frequent user? Take a look at these factors affecting your body’s duration of delta 8 before taking any drug tests.

Factors determining how long delta 8 can stay in your system

Cannabis users enjoy a wide range of delta 8 products for their medical benefits. How long does delta 8 stay in your system? Frequent users must consider the many factors affecting delta 8 compounds that can turn a drug test positive.


  1. Frequency of usage

How often you consume cannabis can have a major impact on the time it takes to remove delta 8 from your body. People who are new to delta 8 products and have tried it for the first time can take up to two days to extract the toxin, rid their body of cannabinoids, and resume their daily activities.

Moderate users of delta 8 can take about 7 days to detox.

Cannabis users who vape delta 8 e-liquids occasionally can take around a week to eliminate traces of delta 8 from their system. If you vape delta 8 products or eat delta 8 candies within a week after your last session, a drug test is more likely to detect metabolites through blood, urine, hair follicle, and saliva drug tests.

Drug tests work more efficiently for regular users of cannabis. For frequent consumers of cannabis, a urine drug test will be able to turn positive for delta 8 if you’ve used them within 30 days. Many users report that a urine test can detect delta 8 for up to 48 days after consuming cannabis products.


If you’re a frequent user of delta 8 stressing out about taking a drug test, you can try a detox drink, such as cranberry juice. Enjoying cranberry juice right after you finish your vaping session can help push out the delta 8 compounds faster. Having juices that are rich in dietary fiber can also improve your chances of getting through drug testing trials.


2. Potency of delta 8 products

The potency of a delta 8 product can play a huge role in determining the duration that the cannabinoid can be inside your system. Cannabis products with higher potency can last for weeks or even months together in your body. Products that contain delta 8 in lower doses can take less time to get flushed out.

Molecules of delta 8 mostly affect the cannabinoid receptors in your brain. These cannabinoid receptors are primarily responsible for increasing your appetite, regulating your mood, and your sleep patterns.

Delta 8 edibles have the lowest potency among cannabis products. THC gummies and candies can have as little as 5 – 10 mg of the cannabinoid in them. Ingesting a delta 8 gummy will keep the cannabinoid in your body for a day or two.

A stronger batch of delta 8 edibles can have up to 25 – 50 mg per gummy. Having more than one of these delta 8 gummies can leave THC in your body for a week. A drug test can easily pick up on THC from these delta 8 gummies. Drug testing is usually carried out through blood tests, saliva tests, and urine tests in reputed companies.

If you have a drug testing trial scheduled, it is recommended to avoid eating delta 8 gummies for an entire month. A standard drug test, such as urine tests, will only turn positive if you’ve used delta 8 products in recent weeks. You can also use different detox methods to see what works best for you.


3. Age

Age is an important factor that can affect the way delta 8 works. It has been observed that younger people tend to feel the effects of delta 8 products stronger than older people. Younger people also tend to consume more cannabis products compared to older generations.

Most cannabis consumers use delta 8 at least once a month.

A large part of the cannabis community in the U.S. is aged between 18 – 25 years. Most of these cannabis lovers are regular consumers of THC products and use them at least once a month.

In most countries around the world, teenagers and people in their twenties can take up to 3 days to get rid of cannabis compounds from their bodies. People who are older than 30 years can take up to 6 days to remove the THC molecules out of their system. However, there are exceptions, and older people with a faster rate of metabolism can eliminate delta 8 metabolites in less than 3 days as well.

4. Method of consumption

There are several ways of consuming delta 8 products based on your preference. Most notably, vaping delta 8 products can allow the cannabinoid to directly enter your lungs through your mouth. The effects of delta 8 can be felt within minutes of taking a hit from your vape devices. It is also easier to remove delta 8 compounds from your body after a vaping session.

Inhaling delta 8 e-liquids allows it to directly enter your lungs.

Unlike delta 8 vape juices, inhaling e-liquids that contain cannabidiol (CBD) without any other cannabinoids can take twice as less time to flush out of your system. CBD has a low THC content, making it less likely to turn positive on a drug test compared to delta 8 products. However, CBD does not give its users any visual or auditory sensations that are commonly experienced after consuming delta 8 products.

Ingesting delta 8 products, such as cannabis gummies or tinctures, can take much longer to release its full effects into your system. It can take a few hours to absorb THC through the digestive system, taking longer to break down the cannabinoids compared to vaping. Consuming cannabis edibles orally also makes it harder to get rid of THC molecules from your body since they pass through your digestive tract.

Injecting cannabis directly into your bloodstream is the fastest way of feeling the effects of delta 8 products. The rush of blood gives people an instant hit, amplifying the psychoactive effects of the cannabinoid. It takes less time to detox your body from cannabis compounds as the bloodstream pushes them out of your body naturally.


5. Metabolism rate

The metabolism rate of a person can determine how fast delta 8 can be released from the body. People with a faster metabolism rate have a tendency to break down THC molecules more quickly.

A faster metabolism rate can have a direct impact on receptors in the brain and affect various functions of your body. These functions include the central nervous system, cardiovascular, and immune system. Cannabis users with a faster metabolism can produce more enzymes from their liver that can be used to process and purge THC out of the body.


6. Interactions with other supplements and medications

The duration delta 8 can stay in your body has a lot to do with the other supplements and medications that you’re taking at that time. Most over-the-counter medicines and prescription drugs have to pass through the liver to get metabolized.

If you’re vaping delta 8 e-liquids or ingesting tasty cannabis edibles while you’re on pharmaceutical drugs, it might take much longer for the liver to metabolize the chemical compounds. The prescribed medications have to use the same enzymes as the THC, making it strenuous on the body.

Taking more than 2 – 3 medications while using delta 8 products will cause delta 8 and the prescription medications to be metabolized at a slower rate. It also results in the body taking more time to remove the cannabinoid particles from your system.


7. Genetics

Your individual genetics play a crucial part in determining the time it takes to process delta 8 molecules in your system. The specific enzyme used to metabolize delta 8 is CYP3A4. People with different genetics secrete enzymes at various levels that can affect the duration it takes to absorb delta 8 molecules into your body and the time it takes to eliminate them from your body.

Will delta 8 THC make you fail a drug test?

Delta 8 THC is not a controlled substance. It is legal on a federal level across most states in the U.S. However, despite being legal as per local and state laws, products containing delta 8 in them will cause you to fail a drug test.


A drug test can easily detect metabolites of delta 8 for several days after you’ve consumed the cannabinoid. The most simple types of drug tests are blood tests and saliva tests. First-time users of cannabis may have a better chance of passing a saliva or blood test than people who regularly use delta 8 products.

Frequent consumers of cannabis may be required to take a hair follicle test or a urine test. Both of these tests are harder to pass since they can detect marijuana metabolites for a duration of 30 days or more.

Whether you fail or pass a drug test entirely depends on how fast you can get rid of the marijuana metabolites from your system. There are many methods of detoxing that can help regular cannabis users flush out the delta 8 molecules. Detoxing gives people plenty of options to accelerate the process of removing these metabolites from their bodies.


Different types of drug tests

There are primarily 4 types of tests that are used to check for metabolites of delta 8.

Saliva tests

Saliva drug tests can detect delta 8 in your saliva. Beginners and casual users of cannabis can undergo a saliva drug test if they haven’t used any delta 8 products for the last 3 days. Cannabis consumers who regularly use delta 8 need to stop using THC products for at least a month before taking a saliva test.

Many people consider a saliva test to be quite reliable for checking delta 8 in your system. Delta 8 products that are taken orally, such as vape juices, gummies, and tinctures, have a higher chance of being detected through a saliva test.

Blood tests

A blood test can detect delta 8 molecules in moderate users for up to 2 days after using cannabis products. These tests can easily detect compounds of delta 8 in chronic consumers of cannabis for up to 29 days after being used.

The natural cannabinoid found in hemp plants can be detected in your bloodstream within seconds after being inhaled through vape devices. Molecules of delta 8 can reach the cells of your body faster through your bloodstream and may stay in your body for more than a few days.

Blood tests are commonly used against people who have consumed delta 8 products within the last 3 – 4 hours. However, these tests are not as reliable as saliva tests.


Urine tests

A urine test can be used to detect marijuana metabolites in cannabis users. These metabolites can bind with the fat cells of your body, making it harder to get rid of them after long sessions of using delta 8.


It can work differently based on how frequently you use delta 8 products. A urine test can detect THC metabolites in occasional users for up to 3 days, that is, if you use marijuana 3 times or less per week.

Moderate users of marijuana who use delta 8 products 4 – 5 times a week need to avoid using it for at least 7 days before taking the test. People who use delta 8 (D8) every day or multiple times a day must stay away from cannabis products for 30 days to avoid being detected.

Hair follicle tests

A hair follicle test is among the toughest drug tests you can take. These tests can detect THC metabolites in your hair. It can take up to 3 months to eliminate traces of THC from your hair, as hair grows slowly.

Many people consider a hair follicle test to be much more precise in detecting THC metabolites than other kinds of drug tests. Hair follicle tests are not recommended by the law and are rarely used to test for cannabis users in organizations.

If you use marijuana products more than once a day, you might need to stop using delta 8 products for up to 90 days before taking a hair follicle test.

Difference between delta 8 THC and delta 9 THC

Delta 8 and delta 9 are cannabinoids that are derived from cannabis plants. Delta 9 is scarcely found in cannabis plants, while delta 8 is found in abundance. It takes a larger harvest of cannabis plants to manufacture delta 9 products than delta 8.

Delta 8 and delta 9 are naturally derived from cannabis plants.

Both of these cannabinoids have a similar chemical structure with vastly different properties. The chemical structure of delta 8 compounds has a double bond in its 8th carbon chain. Delta 9 has a double bond in its 9th carbon chain. Delta 8 could be considered an isomer of delta 9 due to its chemical structure.

The chemical structure of delta 8 makes it more stable as a compound than delta 9. Delta 8 is also a milder psychoactive substance. Many users of cannabis use delta 9 products for their strong intoxicating effects. Delta 8, on the other hand, is used for its medical properties, such as improving the quality of your sleep and decreasing your anxiety levels.


Delta 9 has higher than 0.3% of THC in its content, making it illegal as per federal law. Products containing delta 9 are only legal for medical and recreational purposes in 16 states in the U.S, while delta 8 is legal in 38 states.

A drug test can detect delta 8 and delta 9 metabolites in your system and can turn positive for both of these cannabinoids. Delta 8 and delta 9 compounds need to be removed properly from your body before taking any tests that check for their metabolites.

How to detox your body from delta 8 THC metabolites

Regular consumers of delta 8 will find it challenging to get rid of the THC molecules from their system. You may need to take dietary supplements and other edibles to remove the metabolites of delta 8 out of your body.

Here are a few things that can help you detox from delta 8.

  1. Detox supplements

There are plenty of detox ingredients and health supplements available on the market to help you drain delta 8 THC metabolites out of your body. You can invest in detox drinks and detox pills that are full of minerals and vitamins to cleanse your body of toxins and delta 8 compounds.

Make sure you detox after using delta 8 products.

These health supplements can detox your blood circulation, digestive tract, and your urinary tract. It is especially useful for people with a high body mass index who have higher levels of toxins within their bodies.

People who use cannabis products frequently can take detox pills after their meals to replenish their bodies with vital nutrients and pump out any remaining traces of delta 8. It is important to abstain from using any delta 8 products while you are on detox pills to amplify its effects.

Do you regularly vape e-juices with high concentrations of delta 8? Or constantly eat cannabis gummies that have more than 50 mg of THC in them? If you do, it might take longer than a week to push out the cannabinoid metabolites using the detox pills.


2. Cranberry juice

Cranberry juice can help you empty out your bladder right before taking any tests that check for marijuana metabolites in your urine. It can be purchased from any retail store or a supermarket. The refreshing drink acts as a natural detoxifier that can flush delta 8 particles from your system. Make sure you drink at least 2 liters of cranberry juice a few days before taking a test.

3. Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is a healthy drink that has been used for thousands of years as a natural ingredient for detoxing. Many cannabis consumers have observed that ACV can reduce the levels of THC in your blood and urine.

You can add twice as much water to the amount of ACV you want to drink for a deep cleansing effect. Most marijuana users who prefer natural remedies use ACV to detox themselves.


4. Organic foods

You can eat a ton of organic foods that are rich in fiber and proteins to help you detox faster. Organic foods that have high levels of fiber can help you metabolize THC molecules and release them from your body at a much higher rate.

5. Exercise

If you use delta 8 on a daily basis, regular exercise can significantly increase your chances of passing a test that checks for THC. You can perform at least 30 – 45 minutes of physical exercises, such as cardio and aerobics, to detox your system of any unwanted toxins. You can also drink loads of water to generate more sweat during your workouts.

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