11 Vaping Mistakes to Avoid as a Beginner

Vaping is constantly gaining popularity as an alternative to smoking. Since it is still a new concept, we put together a list of the most common vaping mistakes to avoid! Keep reading for a complete guide to vaping for beginners

  1. Buying a low-quality vape

With an ever-increasing number of vape devices in the market, it is understandable when beginners get overwhelmed at deciding what to opt for. One of the major mistakes we find beginners making is buying a vape that is of low quality. Researching vape devices and the differences between them goes a long way before making a purchase. 

If you’re wondering how to choose a vape, let us simplify it for you. For starters, you need to know why you want to vape. Answering this question will make the process much easier as it can slash the options in half while also helping you better understand what you are looking for. 

So do your research! Before buying a vape device, shortlist the ones you like. Check the features and compare prices carefully. Instead of rushing to the first convenience store you find, try a vape shop. Our in-store representatives can assist you through the process, which includes explaining how to vape. You can also seek advice from fellow vapers who can share their personal experience and offer valuable tips. 

  1. Getting cheap vape juice 

One of the best parts about vaping is the number of flavors and e-juices available. However, this can be both positive and negative in the vaping world. As there are so many options in e-juices, it can be tricky to know about the quality of the juice, and low-quality e-juice can ruin the vaping experience! 

Another factor that comes into play with vape juice is that not all e-juices and compatible with all vaping devices. Understanding the differences between the types of vape devices and vape juices is a learning process. If you want to switch to vaping quickly and learning is taking more time than you would like, disposable vape kits are an option you can opt for. The advantage of using disposable vape kits as a beginner is you don’t have to check for the quality of vape juice and its compatibility with a device. Instead, the device already has vape juice in it, and all you need to do is know how to use a vape pen!

It is crucial to research ingredients such as Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG). In case you’re wondering, PG is commonly attributed to the flavoring, while VG gives you that smooth hit when you draw. Knowing about the different ingredients will help you in understanding what combination suits you best!

  1. Not Taking Proper Care of Your Battery 

Battery health is an integral part of vaping. Not following the correct charging instructions that come with devices can impact how long they last and how well they work. It’s easy to fumble and make the mistake of overcharging your device, but this can lead to battery damage, or in extreme cases, the device can die. 

Also, remember you can’t really vape with a low battery. You won’t be able to inhale properly or taste the vape juice, so make sure to vape when your device is fully charged.

Refer to the user manual that comes with the vaping device. Follow the instructions to ensure your device is well maintained and lasts longer. Don’t overcharge the device by leaving it overnight and keep it at a cool temperature to avoid damage.

While mods require adequate care to keep them functioning properly, people also tend to recharge batteries of disposable vapes. It is imperative to note that disposable vapes are designed to dispose of once the vape juice or battery runs out. It is not intended to be used more than once. Therefore attempting to recharge it is not advisable. Battery safety [link to https://www.artisanvaporcompany.com/battery-safety/] is also an essential part of battery care.

  1. Choosing the Wrong Nicotine level

Making sure you have the right nicotine level as a beginner can be confusing. However, it is not difficult. With a wide variety of vape juice available, there is no shortage of nic amounts! So work with your tolerance level. Are you new to nicotine? Or are you a smoker looking to quit? Depending on where you are coming from, pick an e-juice with nicotine strength you feel you can satisfy your cravings. 

Vape juices are available in strengths from absolutely no nicotine, 0 MG, all the way up to 18 MG or more. Heavy smokers would satiate their nicotine cravings with high nic levels, while light smokers can pick something close to 3 MG. Cloud chasers can go for 0 MG nic levels for tasty, nicotine-free vaping!

  1. Making Your Own Vape Juice

A big tip for beginner vapers: do not mix your own vape juice! The first step is to familiarize yourself with vaping! While it can be exciting to try and create your own vape juice, play it safe and get ready-made vape juice that you can just pour into your tank. Although tempting, a lot can go wrong with blending flavors. Nic levels could get messed up, flavors could be overwhelming, or you could end up wasting a lot because you don’t like the end result.

The easiest way to avoid this one is to just leave it to the pros. It’s cost-effective and hassle-free. 

  1. Low Vape Juice Levels

Take care of your vape device and your vape coil by ensuring there is ample e-juice while you are vaping. Low vape juice levels can cause your coil to burn when you take a drag. You may notice a burning smell and bitter taste when this happens. Doing this too often may result in burning out coils.

To ensure the coil and vape device remain in good health, make sure you read the instruction manual on your vape device to see how much the tank should be filled. You can also make sure of this by keeping your tank half full at all times. Try to avoid vaping when the e-juice levels fall too low. 

  1. Not Changing Coils Enough

Coils in all vape devices are essential as they are how the vape is formed. When you inhale, a sensor is triggered, which heats the coil and turns the vape juice into vapor which you can then inhale. If you feel the flavor of your vape juice tastes burned, stop vaping! If you think the flavor hits are too low, stop vaping! If you can feel drops of flavor in your mouth when you inhale, stop vaping!

All of these may mean your coil is not working correctly or that it is time for a change. While there is no fixed duration on how long a vape coil lasts, you may want to learn how to clean a vape coil. This will help extend its life and keep your vape device healthy. Poor maintenance of your vape device could result from not changing the coil regularly enough too.

If you plan on using your vape regularly, make sure you know how to change your coils. Your local Artisan Vapor & CBD store representative can help you understand which coil will work best for your device, and they can even assist you in learning how to change the coil! 

  1. Not Keeping the Tank Clean

Keeping your vape tank clean is beneficial to you as it increases the lifespan of your device! It will also help you be better able to taste the vape flavor you are vaping. Cleaning your vape tank is pretty straightforward. Just follow these steps:

  • Unscrew the tank from the rest of the device. Be careful not to damage the battery or coil in the process.
  • Wash the tank with warm water and a small amount of soap. This will allow you to get all the remnants of the e-liquid out properly. 
  • With a cotton swab, be very gentle and wipe the battery and coil. 
  • Use a cotton swab to clean the tank cap.
  • Dry everything out. It is an excellent idea to let everything air dry for at least half an hour or so.
  • Put everything back together carefully. Make sure you don’t screw the pieces back too tightly, or you may not be able to open them again. 
  1. Trying to Smoke Weed with e-cigs Instead of Using CBD Vape Juice

Weed cannot be directly vaped in regular vape devices as it is too dry. However, high-quality CBD oil can be purchased from stores in states where it is legal to buy.  

Many newbies also wonder how many hits it may take to get high from a vape pen instead of smoking a blunt. The answer is that it depends on your weight, the dose of CBD in the vape, how your body reacts to CBD, your diet, and your tolerance to CBD. However, vape liquid is usually more concentrated than a regular bud, which means it takes fewer hits from a vape pen to get high compared to a regular blunt.

  1. Not Understanding Nic Levels

The amount of nicotine in cigarettes varies from brand to brand. The amount can be as low as 6 mg of nicotine and go up to 28 mg. On average, a cigarette will contain 10 – 12 mg.  

To reiterate, e-juice for vapes have nicotine levels that vary by brand. This means to find out the level of nicotine needed, you must carefully read the packaging of the vape juice. E-juice generally has a percentage of vape per mg. For example, vaping 3 ml of e-liquid can contain as little as 3 mg per ml of e-liquid. 

  1. Not Inhaling Properly

There are two basic ways to vape: direct lung or sub-ohm vaping or mouth to lung vaping. 

  • Mouth to Lung

This is the basic and easiest way for beginners. To start, inhale the vapor into your mouth. Once you have done so, inhale it into your lungs. 

  • Direct Lung/ Sub Ohm 

As the name suggests, this makes the vapor go straight into your lungs. When inhaling, breathe in the vaper just like you would breathe air normally. This allows the vaper to go straight into your lungs.


As a beginner to vaping, it is normal to have questions. In fact, it is encouraged because the more you know about vaping, the better the experience will be for you! You can also visit your closest Artisan Vapor & CBD store to talk to our in-store representatives. They can guide you as to what device, e-juice, or disposable device is best suited for your needs!