PACT Act Red Tapes Vape Mail

It was right around the end of last year, which perhaps could be the most dreaded year of modern times, that Congress passed a bill. As it was put forth by the President and approved by Congress, the legislation was on the surface a coronavirus relief bill. However, slyly slipped into the 5,000-page document was a proposed law aimed at preventing online sales of E-cigarettes to Children. Now simply referred to as the ‘vape mail ban’ or PACT Act, it could very likely be the last nail on the coffin of the vaping industry. 

To a vast majority of people, it did come as a piece of astounding news. However, the bill was essentially proposed and passed by the house in October 2019.    

In a nutshell, the law is aimed at achieving two things:

  • Directing the USPS to regulate and prohibit the shipment of all vaping products within the US. 
  • Including vaping products in the PACT Act. 

Furthermore, the bill not only proposed banning the mail of nicotine vaping devices but any and all products that could be used to vape any oil or liquid. Needless to say, that also includes all CBD and delta 8 products. 

The PACT Act’s aftermath has had all the major delivery companies effectively refuse deliveries of all vaping products. Most of the big players in the goods delivery industry have already restricted mailing vape products or have announced dates when they will do so accordingly. 

The vape mail ban or PACT Act (Prevent All Cigarette Trafficking Act) also involves online sellers collecting local and state taxes before confirming any mail orders. Furthermore, they are also required to register with the federal government and provide extensive details to their respective tax departments. This also includes all the shipping details, addresses, and names of every customer or company they deal with. 

The vape juice mail ban is said to go into effect on the 27th of March. Ironically, the vape mail ban, on the one hand, prohibits shipping e-liquids using USPS; on the other completely excludes cigars. Why, you ask? Well, our guess is it makes total sense; why would the government do that otherwise!

What on earth is the Jenkins Act?

So, the vape juice ban on mail or the entire PACT Act, for that matter, is essentially an amended version of the Jenkins Act of 1949. Anyone keeping up with this vape juice ban must have come across the name. Basically, the Jenkins Act dictates that all vape product shippers are required by law to report all their sales to their state tax administrators to curb down illicit tobacco product sales and tax evasion. 

But Can I Make In-store Purchases?

Banning vapes and implementing new e cigarette laws is one thing, but can’t I just buy these products in-store? Many have asked the same questions, and the answer is more straightforward than you think. It’s no different than going to any bar or liquor store, for that matter. If you are of legal age and can provide a valid ID, buying vapes, juices, or any vaping paraphernalia shouldn’t be a problem. Just make sure you buy all your products from a reputable distributor in compliance with these new laws. 

Is the ban Permanent?

The Pact Act has everyone in a frenzy. Where do I get my vapes mailed to me? How do I make online orders? Are there any legal repercussions if I do so? Is the new norm? All these questions are racing the minds of consumers and sellers alike. But the fact of the matter is, even though many mailing services have taken to the banning of vape mail, the actual bill hasn’t yet gone into effect. The chances are it is not even going to go through. 

In the meantime, it is a good idea to make that trip to the store and make purchases in person. Buy them products like it is toilet paper in March 2020. 

Currently, the bill only applies to cigarette shipping and the number of packs allowed to be mailed. Since Congress has not as of yet provided a vape product equivalent to a pack of smokes, they are not held liable against the same standard as conventional cigarettes. 

It is not all bad news!

People living in big cities always have the option of going to their local vape shops and getting any product they desire, but what about the ones who live in the countryside? There is a massive number of vape users that live in rural areas in the US. These people can take advantage of the time between now and when the vape mail ban goes into effect. Ordering in bulk now can save you a lot of unnecessary pain and hassle. 

Interestingly, there is still a sliver of hope for all vaping enthusiasts. There are talks of a private buying group and an unknown shipping company simply called ‘X’ as of yet, who are drafting a plan for a vape product delivery network. It is still unclear which areas of the country will be included in this network and what companies and sellers will benefit from this program. This network’s shipping costs are expected to be slightly higher than usual and would require an adult’s signature upon delivery of goods. 

The X delivery plan has set a bar for a minimum number of packages at 500 with a 10-pound weight limit to each. This does work in favor of the big players in the online seller’s community; however, small businesses may be left behind in all likelihood.

There are also many companies who are trying to come up with their own delivery system, which is a clever way to go about this in light of the new vape juice ban. Vapefreight, a B2B vape and ENDS shipping company founded by Michael Wittenberg, is also providing logistical solutions to businesses and wholesalers. Wittenberg claims that Vapefreight will be providing complete B2b shipping solutions, which would include LTL, parcel delivery, and LTL across the country. 

DIY Products?

Buying flavors and e-liquids after the ban may prove cumbersome after the ban, making your own could very well be a viable solution. It could be an excellent idea for you to learn how to make your own e-liquid or vape juice at home. Refer to our blog ‘how to make your own e-liquid’ and get that right PG/VG balance. Just buy and store a handsome amount of liquid nicotine, and you will be content for months to come. Or you could just go to one of your favorite vape shops and buy tons of vape juice. However, making your own can prove to be a lot less expensive in the long run rather than buying.

What Can You Do?

Even though USPS have already declared their stance on mailing vapes and ENDS products, there are still steps you could take to ensure your daily supply of vaping products. Although the vape mail ban is to go into effect in the coming days, nothing is set in stone as of yet. The most logical thing for you to do at this point would be to stock up!

Whether it is vaping juice you need or a couple of new coils, buy what you need in bulk till the dust settles. Chances are the entire thing is going to go away like nothing ever happened, and it will all feel like a bad nightmare. In the meantime, you can go to our store locator page and find a shop near you. Stocking up on your favorite products could be an excellent idea till things become more transparent. 

Make your Voice Heard!

With the federal vape ban going into effect soon, there are still things you can do to prevent it from happening. Make your voice heard and ensure your favorite vape products’ seamless delivery by leaving a comment on the USPS website. They have opened the comments section of their website to everyone. So, anyone who wishes to contribute can have their voices heard by the relevant people in charge. 

Similarly, you can go to the CASAA website and message your relevant congress member. 

Learn More!

If you wish to learn more about the vape mail ban, go to our website’s vape mail ban section. We make sure the section stays updated while keeping you well informed of all the new developments.