Vape Juice Ingredients To Avoid

It has been the trend of recent times, taking over the world by storm and rebuking tobacco cigarettes altogether. With e-cigarettes in the picture, many people decided that it is high time they lead a healthier life. E-cigarettes did just that for them with a 95 percent healthier approach towards smoking. Not only is it safe, but an e-cigarette is multi-dimensional and very convenient when talking about the utility.

People around the world are curious about its usage and ingredients. One needs to know what products to use when vaping, as many brands are producing a lot of accessories and products.

There are ways one can devise their own e-liquid or buy them from the shelf. But make sure that the product you purchase is better for your health.

  • Vape Juice and its components

The vape juice contains a lot of ingredients and base elements which makes vaping liquid-smooth. One of the elements is propylene glycol, whereas the other is vegetable glycerin, which makes the base either separately or together for a better mixture. The base elements are mixed with different flavors, like cherry, grape, mint, and even tobacco.

The mix of the two elements makes the vape juice mix well. This is why these ingredients need to be respectively understood. Some of the flavors have other components as well.

  • Propylene glycol

It is a non-toxic element that is used to give the e-liquid a better taste and flavor. It is also used as an ingredient of food coloring as well as an additive in different medicines. The PG is also used in vape on its own or with VG to get a smooth vape.

  • Vegetable glycerin

The use of VG in the vape is common and safe for consumption. It is used to increase the vape liquid’s density as it is thick and used with PG for a better vaping experience. Both PG and VG are used in the vape, and apart from some people having allergies, they are not harmful at all. The allergies include sore and tingling throat as well as irritation on the body. If you experience any of the following allergies, it is recommended to consult a physician and switch to non-VG-based-e-liquid.
It is recommended to study the product you are going to buy.

This will ensure safety and make you aware of your likes and dislikes for other flavors you may purchase. But it depends deeply on one’s ability to differentiate and notice the changes that occur over time due to said products.

  • Diketones

The use of Diketones makes the product buttery and creamy in flavor and the e-liquids. The testing of Diketones is mandatory, but it isn’t the case as far as the law goes in inhaling products. This is why it isn’t easy to find the correct information about the e-liquids that are diketone-free. It is a set of chemicals that make this chemical like diacetyl, acetyl propionyl, and acetoin.

These chemicals are different in properties, but acetyl propionyl and acetoin contain traces of diacetyl.

  • Diacetyl harm

Diacetyl is a very harmful substance that is not fit for consumption. It was discovered in the 1990s after a few workers in the popcorn factory contracted bronchiolitis after inhaling high amounts of it for a long time. This substance is used as an additive to create a flavor of butter in the microwave popcorn. Since the testing was for food, the same standards can not be applied for inhaling. Popcorn lung is another name for bronchiolitis.

The use of two other diketones that are acetyl propionyl and acetoin is of concern, but not as much as diacetyl. These chemicals are detrimental to humans and are found in vape juice.

Apart from that, the use of acetyl propionyl and acetoin increases the rate of diacetyl’s chemical reaction. The catalyst effect of acetyl propionyl and acetoin can occur during the process of manufacture or when a person is vaping. Information on the nature of these two is still not known, and there isn’t enough scientific data available. Regardless, some people think it should not be used as an ingredient in vape products and should be avoided.

The use of diacetyl in cigarettes is 750 times more when a person inhales a tobacco cigarette, and that is why e-juice or vape is considered better than smoking. This study was conducted at Harvard T.H Chan School of public health. This is why manufacturers of vape products have taken diacetyl out of proportion and are producing diacetyl-free vape juice.

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