How to Maintain a Mech Mod at Home!

You want to try a mechanical mod? Are you new to vaping? Or have you been vaping a while? And you have seen those vaping tubes around, and they really tempt you! But you are not entirely sure about one. Mech mods are incredibly safe if you know how to maintain them, and today we will get into how to clean them properly and keep them properly functional. 

What is a mech mod?

Mechanical mods come in various shapes and sizes, but primarily they are tube mods or box mods. But how do they work? There are three main elements in mech mods, a battery, the circuitry within, and the conductors or more simply known as coils. These parts work in conjunction with one another and produce those big vape clouds. 

Are Mechanical mods dangerous?

Mechanical mods can only be dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing and are not familiar with Ohm’s law. So, it is best not to fiddle around with one till you educate yourself on the subject. You can check out our blog on understanding ‘Ohm’s law’ before you decide to buy one. It is also highly crucial that you regularly check your battery for any nicks or damage. Make sure you wrap them properly and get it done by a professional at your local vape shop. 

Faulty batteries can cause all sorts of trouble and can even potentially cause explosions if they aren’t maintained properly. Also, charge your battery before they are completely depleted, as it increases their health and lifespan while also ensuring safe use of the device. As long as you adhere to these practices, you can use your mech mods without any worry. 

Maintaining and Cleaning a Mech Mod

So, you have a nasty mech mod, and it looks like a part of a flintlock from the 18th century, or you have one that you regularly use that is running into problems mainly due to neglect. One of the most common issues with people who get a mechanical mod is that they don’t clean their mech mods properly. That is what gives way to a whole variety of problems that may make your experience of using one rather cumbersome. 

You have to understand that mechanical mods are built to last, and with regular care of the device, you may not need to buy another for a really long time. When you are doing a deep clean of your mech, make sure you are in a place where you can lay everything out, and smaller parts don’t get lost. Here’s how you can begin cleaning your mech mod and keep them properly functioning:

  • The surface of most mechanical mods is made with a metal like copper, silver, or brass. Thus, it is recommended that you use alcohol wipes to get the dirt off your outer body, as it does not damage the coating on your mech mod.
  • The outer surface is one thing. Cleaning the inside of your mod is just as important as its exterior. If your device has threads that are dirty, you can expect a significant loss in performance and potential misfires. Cleaning your threads with a toothbrush – yes, you read that right – is usually advised, as it does not damage the threads. Some people use wired brushes that end up damaging the threads as they can be made from soft materials. Hence, a simple toothbrush is more than sufficient. 
  • The next step is cleaning out the contacts of your mechanical mod. This is to be done with extreme caution, as these contacts are literally what powers your device. Make sure you use a premium metal polish from a reputable brand to remove the layers of oxidation that accumulate around these contacts over time. If your contacts are not cleaned on a daily basis, it can result in dire performance issues and even result in device failure. 
  • Next up are your subtanks and your RDAs & RDTAs. You must carefully disassemble all parts of your subtank, remove the glass and the coil, then rinse them with lukewarm water for starters. It is vital that you don’t use soap water at all. The residue it leaves behind can mix in with your e-juice, bringing about all sorts of trouble. 
  • Do not use water on your coils as it can result in their complete destruction. Use a microfiber and a toothbrush to clean out your coil and replace them when needed. Pay extra caution when removing your RDA and RDTA; excessive force can damage the pins at the bottom. Simply remove your coils and cotton and rinse the build and cap with warm water. Let the entire setup air dry, and then reassemble all the parts in reverse. 


It’s important to remember not to over-tighten any part of your mech mod. Brush up on your ohm’s law and make a habit of cleaning out your mechanical mod on a daily basis. Diligent maintenance of your mech mod will ensure the optimal performance of your device and can also help prevent any potential device failure due to negligence. If you are new to vaping, it would be a good idea for you to start off with smaller starting pod kits or even disposable vapes. Although mechanical mods are usually used by more experienced users, don’t let it stop you from getting one as long as you have done your homework. 

Moreover, cleaning out the exterior is essential but polishing the surface is not strictly necessary. Many users prefer the antique-like patinated look of their device. If you think there are any other ways that could be simpler, feel free to let us know, and we may just do a follow-up blog on maintaining your mech mod.