Here’s How You Can Maintain a Vape Battery

As it is with all electronic devices, your vapes can come with either an internal or external battery that powers the device. Many of these devices have a rechargeable vape battery. Since these e-cigarettes or vapes are meant for everyday use, they require batteries that keep up with the frequent usage and power levels. It is imperative that your vape mods and vape batteries be kept in pristine condition to avoid accidents. A vape battery can be a dangerous thing if damaged. 

How to take care of your vape battery?

It is essential to take care of and maintain your vape battery, as it not only ensures your safety but also helps your vape device perform at optimal levels. You may find yourself wondering, ‘how can I make my vape battery last longer? And the simple answer is, with proper maintenance. Let’s go over a few things that will help you keep your vape mods in the best conditions and increase their lifespan. 

Keep the battery wraps secured!

Keeping your vape battery wraps intact is mandatory for safe usage. If you find a mark or a scratch on the battery wrap, it is best that you re-wrap it. It is recommended that you visit your local vape shop and get them wrapped properly by a professional. Most of these places will do it for little to no money, and you will be done within minutes. 

Cleaning out the vape battery charging terminals!

‘Why is my vape not working?’, this is perhaps one of the most common questions we get from novice vapers, and it is often the result of poor maintenance of your vape device. Cleaning out the charging terminals or vape battery contacts ensures that your device is in working condition. Over time, small amounts of e-liquids, pocket lint, or fragments from your bag can accumulate at the screwy part of your vape battery

It is highly recommended that you clean out the contacts every time you are about to charge your vape battery. This will help in increasing the lifespan of the batteries and also your vape mod. 

Choosing the right batteries for your vape mods!

As is the case with many vape devices and mods, you will find that you need two batteries instead of one. In such a situation, make sure you always use the same kind of batteries while keeping them paired. This way, your batteries get the same number of charges keeping their power capacity and performance consistent. 

When to replace vape batteries? 

Batteries in any electronic device are only good for a specific number of cycles. A cycle completes when a battery is fully charged to when it is fully depleted. Similar to your cell phone batteries, your vape batteries are lithium-ion-based as well. These batteries begin losing their strength and capacity when used for a prolonged period. Replace your vape batteries when you notice them draining relatively quicker than when they are brand new. Under normal circumstances, replace your batteries after six months to a year after buying. 

How can I make my vape battery last longer?

As a rule of thumb, make sure you don’t completely drain your battery when using a vape device. Most devices these days come with some sort of battery level indicator that tells you when to charge your vape battery. Charging your batteries before they are entirely drained makes them last longer. 

Charging vape batteries!

Although most vape mods offer you the option of charging batteries within the device, it is however recommended to use an external dedicated battery charger. Many people at this point ask, ‘how long does it take to charge a vape battery?’ While the answer may vary and depends on the kind of vape device and batteries you are using, it is generally a good idea not to leave your batteries unattended when charging. Overcharging vape batteries can result in various technical issues, so for best performance and personal safety, don’t leave your vape batteries on charge overnight or unattended. 

Vape battery storage:

Many vapers pay little to no heed to how they store their vape batteries. A lot of people just throw them in their bags or pockets when not in use. This could have disastrous results as it may cause your battery to lose its charge or, worse, still potentially explode. Vape batteries could come in contact with coins or other metal objects, which may short circuit them. Thus, it is a good idea to get a separate plastic case for your vape batteries to store them properly. 

Extreme temperatures can damage your vape batteries!

Even though vape batteries can withstand high and low temperatures, it’s generally a good idea not to test their limits. Extreme temperatures can put an increased strain on your battery and bring about an earlier onset of deterioration. Always make sure you store your vape battery in a cool place away from sunlight and not leave them in hot places. 

In Conclusion:

To avoid any accidents and increase your vape batteries‘ lifespan, make sure you turn off your vaping device when not in use. Moreover, make sure that the battery you buy is genuine and of good quality. There are many counterfeit vape batteries on the market, so it is crucial that you only buy your vape devices and paraphernalia from reputable sellers and brands. Additionally, it is also highly important to use the correct charger and adapter for your device. Taking care of your vape battery not only ensures safe usage but also helps your device function properly.