How to Steep E Juice?

What is steeping e juice?
If you are a beginner level vaper, chances are that you have heard professional vapers talking about how they steep e juice and that it improved their vaping experience on the whole. If you are not sure what steeping means, here you go:  Steeping refers to the method of improving the flavor of e juice. Typically, e liquid constitutes of propylene glycol, nicotine, flavorings and vegetable glycerin. Additionally, e liquids can also have alcohol or distilled water in them. The essence of steeping is to combine the properties of these elements in a better way to have a more refined taste.
Steeping e juice also means to age the e juice so that all hard bottled tastes and alcohol are this process, flavorings, nicotine and VG/PG base are first mixed and then oxidized so that alcohol can be removed. When the oxidation process takes place, color of e juice becomes darkened.  
When to steep e juice?
Although steeping e juice is not necessary, it does bring out the best flavor of e juice and hence makes the whole vaping experience more enjoyable. It is especially crucial if you have raw e juice. Raw e juice has little to no flavor as the elements are merely mixed. Also if you have prepared e juice at home, you should steep it as the e liquid might have a chemical taste in it. E juices which are bought from a shop started steeping from the moment they were bottled, and would keep on steeping until they are opened.
Sometimes e liquids can be far too strong or sweet for your taste, in such a case, steeping e juice will give you just the right flavor you want. If e juice has strawberry, kiwi or any other light fruits flavor, chances are you’d lose the whole flavor  by steeping it so do it carefully.
How to Steep E Juice

How to steep e juice?
There are a number of techniques that are used to steep e juice. Here are three of the most popular methods:
Slow Steeping
This is simple and slow steeping method for e liquids. After removing the wrappers from bottles, place them in dark and cool place for 6-13 days. During this tenure, shake the bottles once every day and open them for a short amount of time so that air can make the oxidation process speedy. Do not let any light hit the bottles or leave the bottles open for too long.
Bird Bath
This is a fast method for steeping e juice. After filling a container with warm water, remove the caps from bottles and place them in water midway. Keep the bottles in water until it cools off. Put the caps again on bottles and shake them well before using.
Hot Bath
This again is fast method for steeping e juice. Seal bottles in a ziplock bag and put it in a deep bowl that is filled with warm water. Once the temperature of water goes down to room temperature, remove the zip-lock bag from the bowl. Uncap the bottles so that gasses dispel. Place the caps again on bottles on shake them well before using.  

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