Which vape mods do professional vapers use?

At first the term, ‘professional vapors’ might be misleading and make you think that there are people who do vaping professionally,well in reality, this term refers to people who aspire to blow the biggest vape cloud and enter vaping competitions. These professional vapers do not merely try to break the record of biggest vape clouds but are also equipped with fancy vape mods, and basically all the vaping gear they need to make it happen. The vape clouds that these individuals blow are judged against three factors; length, girth and overall size density of the vape cloud.
When it comes to professional vaping, vape mods play a crucial role behind their success. Without having one of the best vape mods available in the market, a vaper can never blow a cloud which impresses others let alone break previous records. Here are a few common features of the vape mods that every professional vaper uses:
Mechanical Mods
Professional vapers make use of mechanical mods. They never use an electronic mod. A mechanical mod merely has a battery and a mechanical switch with it. Another reason behind using mechanical mods is that they offer raw power which electrical mods cannot provide.
High Wattage
When you use high powered wattage vape mods, your ability to blow massive clouds become enhanced. The bigger cloud you want to blow, the more power you need; which is why professional vapers use high wattage.
Vape mods
All of the professional vapers use Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers (RDA). An RDA can only contain two coils at the maximum.
Here are the three most popular vape mods among the professional vapers:
SMOK Alien
SMOK brand is famous around the globe for creating some of the best quality vape mods in the industry. When it comes to professional vapers, SMOK Alien is one of the best mods to use. With 220W of power, and effective temperature control settings, it enables the vapers to create thick clouds. It comes with a number of different types of tanks so that large size clouds can be produced, which are filled with flavor.
VaporFi V-Grip 75 TC Mod
VaporFi V brand is well known or its effective, powerful and durable mods among the vape fans as well as professional vapors who want to blow the largest of vape clouds. The VaporFI V-Grip 75 TC Mod by the brand is equipped with cutting-edge technology with a very convenient and stealthy size.  It comes with a 18650 battery and offers a power of 75 Watts to the vapers. The vape mod also has TCR functionality and a temperature control to make your vaping experience awesome.
SX Mini G Class 200W TC
This vape mod is especially made for vapers who are power hungry. The SX Mini G Class MOD is ranked as one of the best cloud chaser mods in the world. It has a tough and resilient design which also has dual battery. The SX550 Chipset is an upgrade from the previous models and offers better vape clouds. The best part is that it has a joystick controlled screen which gives you full control to take your vaping experience to a whole new level.

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