VG E-Liquid: An Introduction

Vegetable glycerin (VG) VG e-liquids are becoming more and more popular among vapers, and for a number of reasons.
A 100% VG e-liquid is a natural product that is usually vegan and vegetarian friendly (in the rare cases where it is not, this is down to the flavorings added to it), is very unlikely to cause allergic reactions, and is considered better if cats are around (PG, the other base often used in e-liquids, is dangerous for pet cats if ingested, which has prompted some cat owners to switch to VG only vaping just to be safe).
However, one of the main differences that distinguishes a VG e-liquid from a PG or PG and VG mix, is in the vapor itself. For some, VG vapor is vastly superior, though as with flavor and other variables in e-liquids, it is all about personal preference.
If you are interested in trying a 100% VG e-liquid, whether you are new to vaping or have been using PG or mixed base e-liquids for some time, these are the significant differences you’ll notice from your VG vape:

Much, Much More Vapor!

Vaping Clouds
Compared with PG e-liquids, VG produces a lot more vapor. If you like big, white, billowing clouds to come out of your e-cig, then you’ll love this aspect of vaping with VG. Some vapers who, for fun, take part in ‘cloudchasing’ – that is competitively trying to blow out the biggest vapor cloud among your group – will only use 100% VG e-liquids for this very reason! Of course, producing more vapor can sometimes be a downside, if you are trying not to draw attention to the fact you are vaping, but most of the time it is somehow more satisfying to see nice white clouds!
Whether you like the thicker clouds of vapor from VG for purely aesthetic reasons, or because it looks more similar to the smoke from a tobacco cigarette and therefore makes for an easier transition to vaping if you’re a cigarette smoker, it is definitely the first thing that strikes most people the first time they try a VG e-liquid.

Differences in Flavor

Extra ejuice flavor
Where PG is more or less flavorless, and a PG e-liquid will simply taste of the flavorings that have been added to it, VG does have its own slightly sweet flavor. It is a taste that some people really like, but it is different and can also make the flavorings in a VG e-liquid seem more subtle than in similarly flavored PG alternatives. Some people say that certain flavors work far better with VG due to a combination of its natural sweetness and the thicker, richer vapor, but on the whole, PG e-liquids tend to taste stronger. This means VG can suit people who prefer a more delicate taste overall, or the natural VG flavor itself over synthetic ones. You may want to experiment with different flavors of VG e-liquid to see what works best for you!

A Thicker Consistency in Your Mouth

As you might expect, the more abundant vapor that comes out of a VG e-liquid also has a different feel in your mouth. It is denser, richer and smoother, which gives a different sensation when you are using it to ‘harsher’ feeling PG e-liquids. This is generally something vapers enjoy about VG e-liquids, and which it is widely felt improves the experience of vaping with certain flavors. Those intended to taste like ‘creamy’ things, like chocolate, custard, ice cream or Irish cream, tend to work very well, with vapers reporting that the texture of the denser vapor enhances that ‘dessert-like’ effect.

Differences in ‘Throat Kick’

VG E juice
‘Throat kick’, that is the feeling when smoke or vapor hits the back of your throat, is generally lesser with a VG e-liquid than PG. Some people are keen on having a lot of throat kick when they first start vaping, as it makes it feel more like smoking tobacco. However, as people become more used to vaping as an alternative to smoking, this factor tends to become less important. People who previously smoked very light or mild cigarettes will also tend to find the softer throat kick of VG pleasing. If you prefer a milder throat kick then a VG e-liquid is a great choice, but if throat kick is still an important factor for you in how satisfying your vaping experience is, then a PG/VG mix can give you the benefits of VG while still providing a stronger kick.

Some Things to Consider About Using 100% VG E-liquids

Warned signed
As you can see, there are some interesting and appealing differences to the experience of vaping with VG e-liquids when compared with PG. If you’ve never tried VG before, it is well worth checking out some VG liquids and seeing these differences for yourself, so you can decide if they are better to your taste than PG. If you have experienced allergies when you’ve used PG, you may even have to switch to VG for that reason.
However, while VG is great, you do need to consider that its make up makes it in some ways harder on the atomizers used in e-cigs, and so you do need to ensure you only use your VG e-liquids with compatible gear. In the wrong type of device, VG e-liquids might not work properly or even at all, or may cause coils to become sticky and clogged.
With so much choice available to vapers, it is always a good idea to try out different things so you can get the best possible experience out of vaping. There are good reasons to try VG, especially for people with allergies or who follow a vegan lifestyle, but it can also just turn out to be the vape you prefer. Try out some VG e-liquids (in a suitable e-cig device, of course), and pay attention to the differences in the consistency, taste and vapor plumes. You may well find that VG e-liquids become your new favorite choice!

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