10 Best Vape Starter Kits For Beginners & Advanced Vapers

Are you looking to try out vaping for the first time? Are you looking to switch from traditional cigarettes to new e-cigarettes? Well, you’ve found the right solution. Regardless of the reason behind your transition, finding a suitable device that suits your budget and vaping is essential.

The vaping industry keeps growing by the day, and you will find a wide range of vape kits to start with. Just because it’s new doesn’t guarantee the quality of the hit you will get. If you’re a novice at vaping, this article will guide you through the best vape starter kits and how to choose the right one for you.

What is a Vape Kit?

A vaping starter kit is basically a bundle or package that has everything you need to get started. A vaping starter kit will always have a vape pen, vape mod, or even a cigalike battery and also some kind of atomizer, such as a cartomizer, a vape tank, a pod, a clearomizer, or – less frequently – something more sophisticated like an RDA. Some also include refillable pods or cartridges, while others use disposable ones.

The device that vaporizes the e-juice, your atomizer, and the device that drives the vaporization are the two essential parts of your vaping experience; the battery. Along with this, beginning vaping kits typically also come with a USB charger for the battery and extra coils for your tank.

The majority of the time, an e-cig vaporizer kit does not have everything you require to begin vaping. For example, batteries are almost never provided with a vape mod kit when it contains a component that needs to be powered separately. Similar to how all vaping requires e-liquid, most kits do not come with it by default.

10 Best Vape Starter Kits

1. Geek Vape AP2 Kit

The Geek Vape AP2 Kit is an all-around excellent starter kit that comes in eight colors. As one of the Aegis series products, the Geek Vape AP2 Kit doesn’t disappoint as a superb vape for beginners. The kit’s small and functional design resembles a car key, making it easier to carry around. The design is also stylish and modern, with the vaper’s exterior having faux leather and alloy. The sides of the kit contain rubber, improving grip and providing protection from moderate falls.

The AP2 is an easy-to-use vape since it is an open-system pod vape. It has a pod capacity of 2 ml and a battery capacity of 900 mAh, giving you a long, satisfying vape experience before you need a recharge.

The vape kit also features a power level that you can adjust depending on your coil. The fire button doesn’t have those annoying click sounds. All you need to do is firmly press the button to activate it.

What’s more, if you’re fond of draw-activated vaping, an inhale will switch on the fire button. The inhale will also light up the logo button on the vape kit, which will display how much battery you have left.

As an open pod, the tank is refillable and works well with almost all bottle tips. Another significant plus is the vape kit’s versatility, thanks to its dual airflow system. This means you can choose between direct-to-lung inhalation and mouth-to-lung inhalation. To make the switch, you simply have to remove the cartridge and reattach it the opposite way.

In terms of performance, the Geek Vape AP2 Kit performs exceptionally well and delivers sensational flavors. The Geek Vape AP2 goes for $31.99.

2. Vaporesso XROS Nano Kit

The newest series from Vaporesso, the XROS Nano Kit, is a stylish and small pod vape with a 1000mAh battery. The battery’s capacity is large enough to guarantee you an all-day vape without having to break for a recharge. The vape kit’s design delivers a small amount of vape at a time, similar to traditional cigarettes; hence you can only use it for different vaping styles, such as Mouth to Lung vaping.

The vape kit’s design features an aluminum matte finish. One part of the kit is smooth, while the other is textured with diagonal cut grooves for a powerful grip. This great vape device also comes with a lanyard chain that prevents it from hitting the ground in case of an accidental drop.

The classic Pulse Mode is an excellent feature that makes this vape device ideal for beginners. The XROS Nano boosts the power output at the end of every vape delivering a satisfying and flavorful vape from your e-liquid.

Furthermore, the e-cig kit gives you two pod options of 2ml, each with a built-in coil. This feature means you don’t have to switch out your coil; instead, you can change the entire pod. Moreover, the vape kit also features an adjustable airflow where you can switch vaping styles, from a loose to a tight inhale. You can grab this kit for $25.99.

3. Smok Nord Pro Kit


Another excellent vape device for vaping neophytes is the Smok Nord Pro Kit. This e-cigarette takes you back to the original Nord with its stylish, functional design and a few more features.

Smok never disappoints on the aesthetic appeal of their vape pods; that’s why this vape kit features vivid colors. Moreover, the vape pod is versatile, allowing you to vape either freebase nicotine or nic salts. This is the first e-cig to have such a feature, especially since it is such a small device.

The Nord Pro kit contains an auto draw and button activation. If you’re worried that your vape device could accidentally turn on, you can disable the button activation with three clicks. The e-cig comes with a refillable pod with an e-liquid capacity of 3.3ml and a 1100MAh battery that charges very fast.

Another helpful feature is that you can also use either freebase e-liquid or salt nic. All you need to do is switch to a 0.6 Ohm coil for the former and a 0.90 HM coil for the latter. The two coils are both included in the kit.

Additionally, you can use this great vaping device for direct-to-lung vaping or mouth-to-lung vaping. Get the Smok Nord Pro Kit at $32.99.

4. VUSE Alto Starter Kit 

The Vuse Alto is the perfect vape kit for beginners. Featuring a sleek and lightweight design, the e-cigarette is pretty easy to use and carry around. You may have to do more work unboxing it, but it’s an easy fix once it’s out of the box.

The Vuse Alto starter kit has two components, the mouthpiece and the magnetic housing that holds the pod. The pod has a limited e-liquid capacity of 1.8 ml. However, it will last for a while, even with heavy vaping. Although the vape kit contains batteries with a 350 mAh capacity, it will last you a day to a day and a half, depending on the frequency of use.

The vape kit features a draw-activated system. What’s more, it also uses QuietDraw technology that delivers noise-free drags every time you take a hit.

The pod’s exterior has a green LED light, which communicates different meanings when it powers on. For instance, it works as an LED battery life indicator. A blinking light means your battery is running low on power, while a continuous light means your vape device is charging. If the light turns off while charging, your battery is full of charge and the device is ready to use.

The pods are refilled with a variety of e-liquids. You can choose your preferred flavor, but you should note that you can refill the pod. Opening up the pod can result in leaks that can damage the device’s battery. In most cases, the vape kit and pods are purchased separately. Depending on use, a pair of pods may last you up to six days. This kit goes for only $0.99.

5. Lost Vape Ursa Nano Kit


If you’re looking for a luxurious vape starter device, then the Ursa Nano kit by Lost Vape is the right pick for you. Lost Vape is best known for its quality vape devices and DNA-powered mods. This vape kit combines elegance and simplicity to deliver an outstanding vaping experience. The exterior of the vape pen is made of zinc alloy with beveled sides that provide a comfortable grip.

The Ursa Nano Kit is ideal for beginners since it uses auto-draw technology. With no buttons on the devices, all you need to do is inhale, and the vape pen powers up, delivering a satisfying and flavourful vape.

The vape device also includes an integrated battery with an 800 mAh capacity. A full charge on your device will last you a day and a half. Since the Ursa Nano uses a USB-C cable, it charges pretty fast.

This vape pen is lightweight and fits perfectly into your pocket, unlike its box mod predecessors. The pods have an e-liquid capacity of 2.5 ml and include integrated coils. The coils use heat-not-burn (HNB) technology, which means the coil is not in direct contact with the vape juice. The vape pen’s design features Replaceable Atomizers (RDA), providing you with the comfort of customizing your vaping experience.

An outstanding feature that the Nano kit embodies is the adjustable airflow system. This unique system allows vapers to enjoy a flavorful and smooth inhale. On the side of the vape kit, you’ll notice a punched hole that can give you a realistic MTL vape experience when covered.

6. Myle Basic Kit

Artisan Vapor & CBD is the best source of vape e-cigarette kits in the USA, and one of its most popular Pod Systems on the market is the Myle Basic Kit. It is offered for a reasonable price of just $24.99 across the entire United States.

The MYLE Basic Kit has no buttons and uses the common auto draw technology seen in many of today’s pod vapes to turn on as you inhale. On the front face of the MYLE, there is an LED battery level indicator that lights up both when the device is in use and charging.


The MYLE uses exclusive pre-filled 50mg nicotine salt pods, which are sold separately. The nic salt pods are created with the best ingredients and come in a variety of mouthwatering tastes in order to satisfy nicotine cravings.

7. Vaporesso Zero 2 Kit

With an all-in-one design, a smaller battery, and the ability to be activated with a single puff, the Vaporesso Zero 2 Kit is more akin to a classic pod system than many of the vape products on our list. This kit goes for $29.99 and is offered by the Artisan Vapor & CBD Company.


It features an oval-shaped body with the pod and mouthpiece pushed into the top of the battery area. It features a very traditional pod design. It has three different power settings: 9 W, 11 W, and 13 W, which are excellent for high-strength nicotine salt e-liquids even if they don’t give fully variable wattage as some mods do. The variances depend slightly on the pod you’re using. By repeatedly pushing the power button, you can cycle through these.


The kit includes two pods, each with a 2 ml e-liquid capacity: a 1.3 ohm Ccell pod and a 1.0 ohm mesh pod. It is one of the finest vape starter kits if you plan to use nicotine salt liquids because of this and the 800 mAh battery capacity, but it would be a little on the small side if you used regular juices.


A day’s worth of use is still possible from a single charge because of the Zero’s great performance with the proper kind of liquid and how well its battery handles the lower power output.

8. Voopoo Drag S Pro Kit

Voopoo Drag S Pro Kit is a pod-mod kit that is an improvement and new version of the Drag X series, which makes it even better. There are various new features that are beginner friendly that come with this new vape gadget that goes for $49.99.


Voopoo is made up of a top-fill method that makes use of a novel button design that hides the fill hole beneath a twisting cover to prevent leaks. It also has a boost mode, which increases voltage when battery levels are below 20% to improve performance and is one of the other noteworthy new features.


The Voopoo Drag S Pro Kit also has interchangeable coils and variable wattage control, which allows you to customize the vapor output to meet your demands. This is made possible by the 80W variable control option.


Moreover, it has a 3000 mAh in-built battery that allows you to have a smooth smoking experience.


Due to its build, Voopoo uses the TPP X Pod Tank that boasts a revolutionary injection type fill hole, 360° infinite airflow technology, and a push & plug coil choice that gives the best flavor profile, all of which ensure that you have a great vaping experience.

9. Voopoo Drag Nano 2 Kit

The Drag 2 Edition from Voopoo is one of the best vape kits out there right now because it combines everything we loved about the original Drag 2. It has a simplified tank and some awesome new color schemes just perfect for newbies, which retails for $29.99.

The mod still has the same layout, with a fire button, 3-color LED display, and three adjustment buttons on the front face, and runs on a built-in 800 mAH. The maximum power output is 20 W, with full temperature control available and many other features.

Also, the Drag Nano 2 kit has a 2ml vape juice capacity and a top filling system, making refilling the pod easy. It is designed for high-power vaping with ordinary e-liquids and gives you tons of flavor and vapor. Merged with the mod’s auto-fit functionality for power settings and the recommended wattages, it makes it one of the best vape mod kit starters.

10. JUUL Replacement Pods Prefilled (5 Pack)

To put it simply, the JUUL is a novel gadget. It is almost impossible to find a device in one of the best vape pen starter kits on the market like JUUL. This is due to the fact that it has a pod mechanism resembling cartridges in cigalike e-cigs, which is simply inserted into the top of the device before you start vaping.

The gadget also has an unusual, USB stick-like look. The JUUL is a peculiar-looking vaporizer with unusual functions, but that doesn’t take away from how remarkably enjoyable it is to smoke, and it only goes for $19.99.

Each of the five flavors of JUUL’s pods—Virginia Tobacco, Cool Mint, Fruit Medley, Crème Brulee, and Mango—has a sizable nicotine dosage of 5%, four of which are included in the starter kit by weight.

The nicotine salts used in the e-juice make it far smoother on your throat than most e-liquids, contrary to what you may believe, making the JUUL one of the best e-cig kits for beginner vapers. The simple version is that you won’t experience an unpleasant throat hit when vaping the really strong nicotine pods. A good amount of vapor and a very nice nicotine hit are delivered.

The JUUL’s battery is quite small, only 280 mAh, yet it lasts a long time because it just uses low power and recharges quickly. The JUUL’s main advantage is that it’s so simple for beginning vapers to use, which is one of the reasons it rates among the best e-cig kits for beginners. Even if it manages to be more user-friendly than a straightforward cigalike, it provides the satisfaction you would often associate with a mod.

Why You Should Choose A Vape Pen Starter Kit

With a variety of anecdotes suggesting that vaping is a less harmful alternative to cigarette smoking, a considerable number of individuals are making the switch to e-cigarettes.

For newbies, a vape pen starter kit is more reliable and can help smooth the transition from cigarette smoking. Here are more reasons why you should consider a vape pen starter kit.

Comprehensive Package

Your vape kit will have all the items you need to embark on your vaping experience. For most novice vapers, it may be daunting to tell which pod fits certain vape mods. Most kits will have a battery, a pod, and a charger. For vape mod starter kits, a separate tank will be included.

Plenty of Flavors

Simple vape pens will flatter your tastebuds with various flavors other than cigarette smoking. Some vaping kits will have prefilled e-juices, while others will allow you to refill your own vape juice. What’s more, you can also choose the amount of nicotine concentration you’d want in your vape juice.

More Economical

Vape starter kits are more budget-friendly compared to traditional cigarettes. The vape pens allow you to take in higher nicotine concentrations without experiencing a harsh throat hit. As a result, you may end up consuming less liquid. With cigarette smoking, you may have to purchase more packs to increase your nicotine concentration.

What Should You Look for in a Vape Pen Starter Kit?

There are a few things you should look for when choosing a vape pen starter kit.

Vape Pen

First, you’ll want to make sure that the kit comes with a good-quality vape pen. There are many different types of vape pens available on the market, so it’s important to choose one that’s well-made and will last you a long time.

Vape pens come in two types: cartridge or refillable. Cartridge pens use pre-filled cartridges filled with nicotine, propylene glycol, and flavorings. Refillable pens allow you to use your own e-liquid.

Pod System

Second, you’ll want to make sure that the kit includes a pod system. Pod systems are great for beginner vapers because they’re easy to use and provide a consistent vapor output.


Third, you’ll want to make sure that the kit comes with good-quality e-liquids.

E-liquids come in many different flavors and nicotine levels, so it’s important to choose ones that you’ll enjoy vaping. E-liquids come in four types: tobacco, menthol, fruit, and dessert.

Tobacco liquids have a smoky flavor and are usually the most popular type.

Menthol liquids have a minty flavor and are great for refreshing your palate.

Fruit liquids are usually sweet and provide a variety of flavors to choose from. Dessert liquids are rich and creamy and often have a chocolate or coffee flavor.


Finally, you’ll want to make sure that the kit comes with good quality batteries.

Batteries are an important part of any vaping device, so it’s important to choose ones that will give you a long-lasting and consistent vapor output.


When choosing a vape pen starter kit, it is important to look for a few key things: a good quality vape pen, a pod system, good quality e-liquids, and good quality batteries. By taking the time to choose a kit with all of these features, you will be sure to have a great vaping experience. If you are looking for a quality vape pen starter kit, be sure to check out artisanvaporcompany.com. Our staff are more than happy to help you get started on your vaping journey.